California has turned the Golden State into a cesspool of homelessness and unemployed. The unemployed have waited as much as six months for their unemployment checks that they still haven’t received. We’re locked down. Now we have the fires.

According to David Stockman, “If you want a sneak peek of our dystopic future under the impending Kamala Harris/Progressive Left Regency look no further than the recent utterances of California Governor Gavin Nukesom.”

Stockman was referring to Governor Newsome’s comment that, “The debate is over around climate change. This is a climate damn emergency. This is real and it’s happening.” The thing is this: of course, it’s real and, of course, the climate changed (suddenly). However, what Newsome never said was that the weather was being driven by a natural phenomenon – a La Nina in the Pacific Ocean. Prior to the month of September, the weather had actually been cool this summer in California. So, no… there has been no global warming here.

So, while Newsome rattles on about climate change deniers, no one actually denies that the climate changes. That’s because historically it always has. The weather cycles up and cycles down, always as a result of sun activity.  Man-made effects on the weather are really insignificant temperature wise. As for CO2, the big lie is that CO2 is bad for the planet. The truth is just the opposite. That is, we can’t survive without high levels of CO2.  As the levels of CO2 have risen beginning in the 20th century, the planet has actually gotten greener because the ecosystem has a symbiotic relationship with us in that it provides us with oxygen and we provide it with CO2.

More from Stockman: “…drastic forestry mismanagement and negligence, which has turned much of California into a dry wood fuel dump, is exactly the point…And don’t take our word for it.  This comes from the George Soros funded Pro Publica which is not exactly a right-wing tin foil hat outfit.”

This is why Newsome has been attacking his critics and referring to them as climate change deniers. It’s all a distraction. The fact is that California has been seriously mismanaging the state’s forests. Lives are being lost; someone really ought to go to jail.

Final thought from Stockman: “And the $30 trillion economic disaster known as the Green New Deal designed to reverse so-called anthropogenic climate change advocated by Govenor Nukesom and the Kamala Harris Regency is just as bogus as the claim that today’s raging wild fires in California are ‘a climate damn emergency.’”

Actually, the emergency is the result of a failure in state government here in California. Whereas, climate change, including droughts, hurricanes and ice ages, is more-or-less a permanent condition driven by nature, failures in government is strictly man-made.

I must confess that I was originally a Newsome supporter.  However, his tenure in office has been a debacle for the State of California.  Maybe, we should spend some of that $30 trillion from the Green New Deal to manage our forests properly… or maybe we should just get ourselves a new governor.


California was well down the road to becoming a Bernie Sanders-model socialist state when the coronavirus crisis came along. But fighting COVID-19 and slowing its spread gave ‘liberal’ Gov. Gavin Newsom a perfect excuse to unleash his inner dictator and greatly expand his power over the social and economic lives of his subjects. Like other authoritarian Blue State governors across the country, he quickly ordered the shutdown of all nonessential activity in the entire state and issued stay-at-home orders for 40 million Californians. Almost four million were immediately thrown out of work, schools were closed and hospitals were emptied in anticipation of a wave of COVID-19 victims that thankfully never came.” – Michael Reagan



The Gaia Syndrome



“Global warming provides a marvelous excuse for global socialism.” – Margaret Thatcher


For those of you complaining about our politicians, you ought to know this.  Politicians aren’t very smart.  They definitely aren’t experts in much of anything and particularly they are not noted climatologists.  For example, Nancy Pelosi and California Governor Gavin Newsome know nothing about climate change even though they pretend that they do.

Take Governor Newsome, for example.  He runs one of the most fascist governments in the world. Climate change is like a religion to him.  He blames it for the fires so that he doesn’t have to address his lack of environmentalism to protect the forests and brush areas.

As for climate change, we definitely have it here in California, but it’s not man-made.  What we have is a weather phenomena called La Nina. A La Nina condition in the Pacific Ocean creates heat and drought issues on the West Coast and triggers an atmospheric chain reaction resulting in hurricanes in the Atlantic, among other things. No, Mother Earth (Gaia) is not angry Nancy – it’s just a temporary weather condition and, like all the other weather, it is driven by sun cycles. What you’re suffering from is actually something I refer to as the Gaia Syndrome.  It occurs when stupidity meets up with telling lies about global warming.



While the politicians aren’t very smart, the ruling class is. They are so much smarter than anyone gives them credit for and certainly far smarter than the average person. For example, they know how to control what people think by manipulating the information that they receive. As William Casey, former CIA Director, said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” Unfortunately, the sheeple aren’t even bright enough to know that they are being brainwashed. No doubt, that’s also due  to the Gaia Syndrome.


“Sometimes your belief system is really your fears attached to rules.”  – Shannon L. Alder



Minnesota Speaks


Six mayors in a stronghold Democratic area of Minnesota have jumped ship and joined #WalkAway. In making the historic move out of the party, they said, “Today, we don’t recognize the Democratic Party. It has been moved so far to the left it can no longer claim to be advocates of the working class. The hard-working Minnesotans that built their lives and supported their families here on the Range have been abandoned by radical Democrats. We didn’t choose to leave the Democratic Party; the party left us.” This could well tip Minnesota into the Red column as the Blue Wall continues to crumble.

Of course, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along. The Blue Dog moderates can’t recognize what was once “the grand old party” and it’s the party’s moderates who in the past got presidents elected. The moderates are not the only ones leaving either. Biden has lost significant support among the Black, Hispanic and Asian voters according to the latest polls. Then, there’s the police vote, the suburban vote and the Jewish vote, all of which are now in doubt. Even the liberal vote in cities that have had riots could be affected as they are headed for the exits, forced to leave their homes. They’ll express their rage on November 4th with the Democratic mayors who rolled over and allowed the riots in the first place.

So, who’s left? The problem is that the party has alienated almost all of its core constituency. It’s no longer the Democratic Party but an amalgamation of Bernie Bros and far-left radical groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matters, although some of the Bernie Bros might well either not vote or will cross over and go Red like they did in 2016.

No doubt, many people will still vote Democratic because that’s what they’ve always done but how can you win a national election that way unless…you’re not planning on winning the election! There’s only two scenarios that seem plausible at this point, both of which would be driven by the Establishment. Either the fix is in (for Trump) or the revolution is on and the far-left is intent on burning down the whole country (maybe with the help of UN troops).

Either way, I expect a contested election that the Supreme Court may have to step in and decide, much as they did in 2000. Al Gore, where have you gone? That’s right, he’s still pushing the fake climate-change agenda courtesy of the United Nations. Hockey stick anyone?


“We (the U.N.-IPCC) redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy…One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.” – Dr Ottmar Endenhofer, IPCC



One of the big lies about global warming is what is not being said. That is, we are currently in what is a historically cold period. Once you know this, you will understand that global warming is not a problem; it is actually necessary to sustain life on the planet. Temperatures need to go up as we are just coming out of a mini ice age. 

Not only are temperatures historically low, but CO2 levels are also historically low.  Historically, in warmer periods (with high CO2), the planet has actually had its most prosperous epochs.  For example, the Cambrian Explosion was responsible for the creation for much of the diversity in animal life on the planet. Here’s the kicker: Temperatures and CO2 levels were much higher then. Much higher.

The reason is that as temperatures and CO2 go up, the earth actually becomes greener and more conducive to life whereas when it gets colder, life on the planet can wither and die. That’s what you need to know.  Everything else is a major psyops.

For those of you who may be disappointed that the U.S. is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords, you should know this.  The climate accords are not about environmental disaster, rather it is about economics and who controls the power to rule the planet. Remember, money rules the world.  As Christiana Figueres, the then head of the United Nations efforts to promote the Paris Climate Accords, admitted, the true objective of the climate accords is to destroy capitalism.

You probably don’t know this, but the two biggest polluters in the world (China and India) are basically exempt from the Paris Climate Accords in that they do not have to reduce carbon emissions (in fact, they are allowed to increase emissions). So, this whole thing is a smokescreen designed to adversely affect the economic systems of Western Civilization while boosting those of China and India. 

You may or may not agree with me on these points, but consider this. Did you expect the politicians to actually tell you the truth? Their approval rating falls off the map and yet some still defend their grand schemes. It proves that life hasn’t changed much in 500 years; that is, there are kings (the elites) and peasants, and of course we are the peasants. They keep getting richer while we keep getting poorer. The one true equalizer is death.  However, I seriously doubt that anyone (rich or poor) will die in our lifetime from global warming.

California is ablaze today, but the politicians are incendiary.  Even AOC chimed in saying, “This is what climate change looks like.” There are a couple of problems with AOC’s statement.

First and foremost, there has been no climate change in California.  The summer was, in fact, quite pleasant.  The fires themselves were directly or indirectly man-made.  Light a fire and blame it on climate change.  Nice. Finally, the fires are almost impossible to control because of decades of environmental mismanagement by the State of California.

AOC went on to say that things will only get worse unless we reduce carbon emissions by half in the next ten years. What happened to us all dying in 12 years unless carbon emissions are reduced to zero?  Seems like she’s seriously backtracking here.  Furthermore, the U.S. has actually been reducing emissions, unlike the two serious polluters in the world, China and India, where carbon emissions are getting worse every year. Maybe, AOC and Greta Thunberg should consider taking their dog and pony show to China instead, where it might actually do some good.

Perhaps, however, they should just stop propagating their false claims of climate change altogether. After all, AOC’s former chief-of-staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, has publicly admitted that the Green New Deal was not primarily about the environment; that it was about changing Western Civilization’s economic system. Guess who else agrees with him- the United Nations.  Referring to the Paris Climate Accord, Christiana Fuentes, former head of the United Nations global warming agency, said, “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model (capitalism) that has been reigning for at least 150 years since the Industrial Revolution.”  



The world isn’t going to be devastated in 12 years. Miami is not going to disappear in a few years due to rising sea levels (as AOC has stated) and brush fires is a problem that man has created, and can therefore fix himself. The kicker is that CO2 is actually good for the planet because plants/crops need it to grow. That’s a scientific fact. Besides, the average global temperature is currently much lower than it’s been for most of the last 600 million years. 

Some of the environmental problems that the world has experienced in the last 50 years or so were indeed man-made. Many of them, however, were created intentionally to promote a political agenda. That is, you create a problem and then when people demand a solution, you give them one, something that fits your ideology and goals. As environmental scientist Delgado Domingos said, “The present alarm on climate change is an instrument of social control …Creating an ideology pegged to carbon dioxide is a dangerous nonsense.” 

Greta Thunberg says that the science is settled. So, why doesn’t NASA and the World Meteorological Organization agree with her?

Headline: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Proposes Zero-Carbon Airplanes

Comment: Good luck with running planes on anything but fossil fuel, especially if we only have 12 years left.  A good first step, however, would be to eliminate private jets. Unfortunately, the climate alarmists will never allow it because the elites, and the climate alarmists themselves, would lose their favorite means of transportation. Going to Davos, anyone?

Headline: Greta Thunberg In Iowa City: U.N. Climate Action Summit A Failure

Thunberg said world leaders are uncomfortable standing behind the science.

Comment: Actually, world leaders are uncomfortable standing behind a hoax, even one propagated by the U. N. itself. The reason is that they can see that it will destroy their own country.

Headline: NASA Admits That Climate Change Occurs Because of Changes In Earth’s Solar Orbit, and Not Because of SUVs or Fossil Fuels

Comment: It’s called the Milankovitch Cycles, for anyone who wants to research it.

Headline: Global Warming: Britain Braces for Coldest Winter in 30 Years

Comment: Some meteorologists are saying that the 2019-2020 cold spell could be as severe as the winter of 1963, believed to have been the coldest in 200 years (dating back to the last mini ice-age).

Headline: Top Level Climate Modeler Criticizes Nonsense of Global Warming Crisis

Comment: One of the world’s top meteorologists is Dr. Mototaka Nakamura from Japan who earned his Doctor of Science from MIT. He’s come out against the theory of global warming and the climate crisis proclamations of Greta Thunberg and AOC.


Recently, over 500 scientists and climate professionals wrote a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations appealing for an open debate on climate change. This is what the letter said:

“Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address the uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real benefits as well as the imagined costs of adaptation to global warming, and the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of mitigation. There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent. There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050.”

And why does the U.N., itself, say that climate change has nothing to do with environmental science but rather is a solution to a political issue? And why do climate alarmists ignore what the U.N. has openly admitted themselves?

Quote of the day

“Creating an ideology pegged to carbon dioxide is a dangerous nonsense…The present alarm on climate change is an instrument of social control, a pretext for major businesses and political battle. It became an ideology, which is concerning.” – Delgado Domingos, environmental scientist

Sweden doesn’t exist anymore.  What passes for Sweden today is a literal cesspool.  All the news coming out of Sweden confirms this.  Today’s headline tells the story:

Headline: Church Of Sweden Claims Jesus Christ Annointed Greta Thunberg As His Successor

Comment: Of course, they can claim whatever they want. By the way, has anyone in Sweden talked to Jesus lately?

Headline: Putin Shames Greta Thunberg and Her Handlers Over Environmental Agenda

Comment: Putin told Greta: “Go and explain to developing countries why they should continue living in poverty and not be like Sweden.”

Headline: “There Is No Climate Emergency:” Scientists Call For Reasoned Debate

Comment: This will never happen because, in any reasoned debate, it will have to be admitted that CO2 is a good thing for the planet.

Headline: Poland: Zero Emissions Is A Trillion-Dollar Fantasy

Comment: More bad news for Greta and AOC. People don’t like being told to destroy their own country.

It’s hard to know what the truth is when the politicians tell so many lies. It’s fairly safe to assume then that the truth is exactly the opposite of what they say. Today’s headlines tell the story:


Headline: Pelosi Flat-Out Lies; Claims Schiff Used Trump’s Own Words in Fabricated Ukraine Call Parody

In an interview with George Stephandopoulos of ABC News, Stephandopoulos pushed back telling Pelosi “Well, those weren’t the president’s words.” This is what Robby Starbuck had to say about the interview: “Okay what Twilight Zone have I entered because this is 2x in one week where @GStephanopoulos called out a Democrat for lying. Here he asks Pelosi about Schiff lying about what’s said in the transcript and correcting her when she says it was Trump’s words.” 

Comment: This is what Civil War looks like. It’s only going to get worse from here on out.

Headline: Is there A Ukrainian Armageddon Dead Ahead For Dems?

Here’s what Graham Noble at had to say about the Ukraine mess:

“A common Democratic Party narrative has already been established. It is evident in relation to the case of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails, the supposedly hacked Democratic National Committee server, the 2016 Clinton campaign’s colluding with foreign powers to obtain compromising material on Trump, and now Joe Biden’s corrupt Ukraine racketeering. The narrative goes something like this: To investigate any of these matters  – or to even suggest that any Democrat may have acted illegally – is not just un-American but a crime…All roads lead to Ukraine, it seems. Not only Biden’s blatant abuse of his vice presidency but the Democrats’ soliciting from Ukraine opposition research on Trump and his political associates. The very birth of the Trump-Russia hoax itself originated from Ukrainian officials who in 2016 disseminated the rumors that Trump was in league with Ukraine’s enemy, Russia.”

Comment: There is one important point that needs to be made with respect to the Ukraine and why they were involved in these scandals. The Ukraine government was installed in 2014, by the CIA, in a coup d’etat overthrowing the prior democratically-elected government. The new Ukrainian puppet government was then beholden to the Obama administration and the Deep State.

Headline: Australia’s Prime Minister Advisor: Climate Change Is UN-led Hoax To Create “New World Order”

According to Maurice Newman, chairman of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s business advisory council, “The UN is using false models which show sustained temperature increases because it wants to end democracy and impose authoritarian rule.”

Comment: This dovetails with AOC’s demand to have UN troops stationed in the U.S. to deal with what she refers to as a “non-existent emergency” at the Southern border.

Headline: Iran Blames CIA and Afghanistan Puppet Government For Massive Increase in Heroin Production

Comment: And now you know why we ever sent troops to Afghanistan in the first place – to guard the poppy fields.

Humor of the day

Headline: Kamala Harris Says She Might Confiscate As Many As 10 Million Guns

Comment: Kamala and Beto are totally unelectable. Therefore, they ought to consider joining forces on this issue, especially since neither of them are going to get the Democratic Party nomination anyway. 

Are they all crazy? Or do politicians simply think that the voters are all stupid?

Headline: Joe Biden Campaign Demands Media Censure Rudy Giuiani

Are the Democrats going to out Joe for trying to bully the media?

Headline: Elizabeth Warren: I Will Eliminate Carbon-Emitting Cars, Homes, Buildings Within 16 Years

Somebody please tell Warren that if we do that (1) America will be the first nation to do so and, yet, China will be polluting more than ever and (2) America will become a third world nation because its economy will have been totally destroyed and (3) if we eliminate enough carbon, eventually all life on the planet will die.


There is so much more to the Ukraine narratives than just the Trump-Zelensky phone call and Joe Biden. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. The impeachment inquiry is going to expose much bigger stories like Crowdstrike and the hoax that the Russians hacked the DNC servers, the 2014 overthrow of the democratically-elected Ukraine government by the C.I.A., Pedogate and the run-up to WW3. All that, and more, may well come out. And you probably thought that this was just about Beltway politics. Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Humor of the day

On his HBO show, Bill Maher commented on the Ukraine dealings of Joe and Hunter Biden saying that if Donald Trump Jr, did what Hunter Biden did “it would be all Rachel Maddow is talking about.”

Politicians opine on all things big and small with rarely a thought about the voter. The voting public says that they can’t trust them but, interestingly enough, continue to vote them into office. That’s why I say that it’s a politician’s world. Today’s headlines tell the story:

Headline: Democrats Freak Out After Transcript Reveals Trump Is On Crowdstrike Trail

Comment: Russia-collusion is over, but the Russia hoax narrative is just beginning.

Headline: Wall Street Journal Columnist Nukes Democratic Talking Points on Ukraine Debacle

From journalist Kimberly Strassel: “Having read DOJ’s Trump-Ukraine release, here’s the real story: This is another internal attempt to take out a president, on the basis of another non-smoking-gun.”

Comment: But there is a smoking gun with respect to Ukraine and Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The two of them even give conflicting accounts on how much Joe knew.

Headline: Hundreds of Documents Conflict With Biden’s Ukranian Prosecutor Story

Comment: No way that Biden can beat Warren after this.

Headline: 14 Million Illegal Immigrants Cost Americans $132 Billion A Year

Comments: Can you even imagine how much “open borders” would cost?

Headline: EU Could Be Spending More On Private Jet Travels For Climate Crusading Officials

Comment: So Al Gore and his Davos cronies get to have private jets but the masses will have to ride on trains (not even cars). However, AOC gets to use Uber rather than taking a train.