Bill Maher Says


I saw a George Clooney movie the other night entitled “The American.” It was, in small part, a European perspective about what Americans are like.  It wasn’t a pretty picture, if you know what I mean.

Much closer to home, Bill Maher has said that Americans are flat-out stupid.  He even repeated it while being interviewed on national television. According to Bill, Americans need to be dragged (presumably by the hair) so as to get them to accept Obamacare. So tell us Bill, just exactly what makes you so smug?

It seems everyone has it in for Americans these days, so much so that we’re becoming an endangered species.  First it was Bill Maher and then there was the remarks by the chairman of BP saying that they care about the “little people” in the Gulf.  Attorney General Eric Holder chimed in with we’re a nation of cowards and, oh yeah, there’s Obama’s science czar, John Holdren, who once wrote that the government should sterilize people through the food and drinking water supplies. All this in the name of population control.  Maybe, we should make it easy by volunteering for extermination (can anyone spell Soylent Green?).

But Bill Maher is in a class by himself.  He attacks just about everything American and it seems like it’s almost personal with him.  He particularly has a penchant for off-color remarks, such as his comment that Obama doesn’t act like a real black president with a gun in his pants.  In my book, that’s going too far, even for a political satirist. 

Bill also bemoans that Democrats aren’t liberal enough and that Republicans are just angry white people and Jesus freaks. If Democrats aren’t liberal enough, just what kind of nation do you suppose Bill would support?  After all, he did initially back Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform America, didn’t he?  And now that’s not liberal enough?

Maybe, we should ask Bill what kind of world he envisions (or maybe not). Ultimately, I suspect that Bill would never be satisfied unless the whole country was playing a game of “Simon Says” and Bill got to be Simon. 

Maybe, we should ask Bill about his belief in God, or lack thereof, and how that fits into his vision of Utopia. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t do that either, especially since he considers Christians to be nothing more than Jesus freaks and Mormonism to be a fake religion.

Of course there’s always the chance that Bill Maher was right after all. Maybe, as Bill says, it is easy to fool the American voting public. They elected Barack Obama, didn’t they.  What were they actually expecting from a fascist anyway? Just go ask Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck.

I’ve got it.  What we need to do is hand the reins of power in this country over to King Bill.  He most assuredly is smarter than the rest of us.  At least, he thinks he is.  So why doesn’t he simply change the introduction for his TV show to “I’m right. I’m Bill Maher and you’re stupid.”  Now wouldn’t that be just plain “Religulous”?

God, the Sequel


The Bible says that in the beginning there was only God.  Of course, there was, and is, no way for us to actually know that. God could not have told us because such interference with his creation would have negated free will.  Therefore, one can only conclude that the Bible is not the word of God but, instead, the word of man about God.  Indeed, if God did not exist, man would have created him anyway.

In the days of yore, God was worshipped and revered by the ancients.  They were hunters who looked to him for survival, particularly with respect to food. In those days, God was in many cases a Goddess.  It wasn’t until much later that the female principle was de-emphasized and still later yet that some people formalized their beliefs about God with the writing of the Bible.  Suddenly, God was a man.

Judeo-Christian thinking did much to advance the proposition that our universe was the result of a first cause.  However even today, the Bible remains a mystery to many because it was intentionally written for those who could understand its deeper meaning.  As the Gospel of John says, … “the Bible reveals truth in many layers in direct proportion to our consciousness.”

The Bible is not, however, without controversy. In Genesis, God is sometimes referred to  as Elohim, a plural term, and other parts of the Genesis story definitely indicate that there was more than one god involved.  For example, in Genesis it says that God said “let us make man in our image.”  Elsewhere in the Bible, including the writings of Paul, we are also told that there are many gods.  So much I guess for monotheism.

Proof for the existence of God has more recently come from the least likely of places – science.  In the 20th century, science, with its theory of Darwinism, rejected the god concept. However, recent evidence from the fields of biology, physics and even cosmology draw a picture of highly complex features within nature which suggest an intelligent design for the exquisite fine-tuning of physical laws. By definition, it’s been called the theory of intelligent design. Indeed, even Einstein’s theory of relativity presupposes a first cause.

Today while religions languish, God is making a comeback. People have a growing need to redefine their place in the universe beyond the constrictive boundaries of religious dogma.  In a world that has become increasingly uncertain, people are looking for something to believe in – something to hold on to. Even Glenn Beck is trying to promote God as a solution to man’s many problems.  Can you imagine a segment on the six-o-clock news about God every night?

While God will not, and can not, communicate with us directly, there is a process by which one can, in effect, eavesdrop on the mind of God.  It is a process that provides a path to personal evolution. The Buddhist expression which closely equates to this is, “If you see the Buddha in the road, kill him.”  In other words, the word of God is within you so don’t look to enlightened ones to save you. Remember, there is nothing outside of yourself which will explain that which is necessary for you to become a totally evolved human being.

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow either. You see, life is not a destination, it’s a journey.  It’s a timeless journey of becoming who you were meant to be.  The Bible, it might surprise you, says that we are all gods.  If you don’t believe me then you haven’t read your Bible lately.  Perhaps you can better understand the concept of we’re all gods in the context of the saying that “we are all one.”

The Bible also says to seek the truth and the truth shall set you free – free from the bondage of the human experience, that is.  For we are all spiritual beings having a human experience as opposed to the other way around.  Again, science (quantum physics) has done much to research and explore into the depths of the atom only to find that it emanates from a non-physical state of existence.  In other words, the non-physical world creates the physical world.  This same principle is the basis behind the use of bio-feedback in medicine, for the mind can actually heal the body.  The power of prayer works the same way.

So today, God is back in fashion.  Let’s hope that this is just the beginning of a trend.  Moral values have been at an all-time low and the resultant lack of ethics has adversely affected every part of society. Ultimately, it is up to each one of us to find our own path in life.  You can sit and wait for the Second Coming if you want, but it won’t change the fact that salvation is a matter of personal responsibility.  God will be silently rooting for you, but you still need to carry the ball. Sometimes, the Truth isn’t always what you think it is.

While recently discussing the Gulf oil spill, Carl-Henric Svanberg, the chairman of British Petroleum (BP), said that they cared about the little people. Little people?  I guess that means that he considers himself to be one of the big people. Just why does he feel so superior to the little people? Where does that arrogance come from?  Some historical perspective may be helpful in answering that question.

When I was growing up, we were taught that the country was established for the benefit of “We, the People”, not “We, the Little People”. The constitution expressly said that the government was “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.  Further, the founding fathers established a Bill of Rights to provide that we would be a free society.

In today’s world, of course, one needs to realize that large corporations and governments are constantly meeting behind closed doors to discuss how to manage the lives of the little people.  Laws of all kinds, including the recent healthcare reform bill, exempt certain groups from having to participate.  But of course, the little people rarely, if ever, receive such exemptions.  Nancy Pelosi’s infamous quote of “Are you serious?” when asked about the constitutionality of the healthcare reform bill, says it all.

So just who exactly are the ones that think of us as the little people?  You need only follow the money trail to find them.  You see, the gold is not in Fort Knox, but in the hands of the super-wealthy.  After all, over half of the wealth in this country is controlled by just 5% of the people.   If you happen to rise from humble beginnings to great success, you may get to join one of the exclusive clubs, such as what’s been referred to as the Good Club.  After a secret meeting of the Good Club in New York, which was attended by some of the richest people in this country, they announced that their most important goal was significant population reduction on the planet. Ted Turner specifically stated that the goal was to reduce world population to two billion.  Obviously, they want to thin the herds – of the little people.

Bill Gates went so far as to say that new vaccines need to be used to help reduce population growth.  He put his money where his mouth is by announcing that his foundation would give $10 billion to develop and deliver new vaccines to children in third world countries.  The interesting question is just how will vaccines help reduce population growth.  Flu vaccine anyone?

But don’t expect the government to ride to the rescue of the little people.  They are run by what one trends forecaster calls “The White Shoe Boys”.  They are the children of the elites, who mostly went to Harvard, Princeton, or Yale, and they belong to a variety of secret societies.  Specifically, there’s the presence of Goldman Sachs alumni in top government and corporate posts.  From the Treasury Department, whose roster is a virtual ‘who’s who’ of people from Goldman Sachs, to current and former top executives such as John Thain (Merrill Lynch) to Robert Steel (Wachovia) to Ed Liddy (AIG) to  Robert Zoellick (World Bank) to Stephen Friedman and William Dudley (New York Federal Reserve Bank) – they are all from Goldman Sachs. The federal government bailout was orchestrated by Goldman alumni at the Treasury Department.  Some of the money went to Goldman Sachs itself, as well as to AIG (see list above). Goldman was AIG’s largest trading partner and had exposure of $20 billion in credit derivatives. Talk about self-dealing.

Oh, did I mention that a former chairman of BP was also from Goldman Sachs.  It’s a small club.  Little people need not apply. One last thing.  Goldman Sachs was the biggest contributor to President Obama’s election campaign.  I can just see Glenn Beck on his blackboard connecting the dots for us little people.  As is his usual way of explaining what is really going on, he would probably refer to it as Crime, Inc., or some such thing.

So, let’s raise our glasses and toast to that great humanitarian Carl-Henric Svanberg.  After all, the little people quip was no doubt just a slip of the tongue.

“In a climate of political correctness and hypocrisy, truth is the first casualty.”

-John Parish

There are no bullets.  There are no bodies. There are no tanks and not even any boots on the ground. But it’s still a war nonetheless. You might be surprised to know that you’re one of the combatants.  You might even be surprised that your side is losing.

This is not the usual kind of war.  There is no battlefield in the traditional sense.  Instead it’s a “stealth” war – conducted in the shadows and behind the scenes. It’s a war which is negotiated in back-room deals – a real life matrix where events are manipulated for the benefit of a few. This war is one-sided as it is being fought by only one side.  You see, the other side is pretty much impervious to what is going on. They are unaware that trillions of dollars are at stake, not to mention their freedom.

The weapons are unconventional. Disinformation is frequently the weapon of choice.  The six-o-clock news helps to determine what people hear and, therefore, what they believe.  Public opinion polls don’t so much report on the mood of the public as they are used to sway public opinion.

Political ideology figures prominently too, but not how you would expect.  Ideology is simply a means to an end.  Its only purpose is to get others to buy in to the cause.  They become the foot soldiers.  They are totally expendable, such as Islamic terrorists/suicide bombers.  They die for an idea that people have convinced them is worth dying for.  Of course, their leaders would never make the same sacrifice.  Sometimes, ideology (e.g. communism) asks people to make sacrifices for the “common good”.  However, it’s only the people in charge who really profit from redistributing the wealth.  You see, Karl Marx never cared a twit about the workers.  His manifesto was just a means to control the masses.

It’s not a cast of the usual suspects either.  Of course, there are the black-ops military operations.  But there is also a wide range of organizations involved from non-profits to foundations to think tanks, with plenty of help from the media, the educational system – and of course the government.

So what’s the real story?

What I’m talking about is essentially class warfare.  It’s a struggle between the haves and the have-nots. It’s an invisible battle that has been going on under many different guises for a very long time.

Consider this. In the days of yore, the kings had their subjects, for whom they had little to no regard, to grow the food and provide the manpower to support and protect the kingdom.  People were taxed into oblivion and had very little, if any, freedom.  Today, despite all the progress, it’s really not that much different.  Now, there’s a new class of elites which includes Wall Street mavens, world bankers and politically-connected people of all stripes.  Is it any wonder that the middle class in this country has been virtually wiped out. Of course, you can’t have a free society without a middle class.  But then… that is the general idea.

Gone are the days when The American Dream used to define our aspirations and our very way of life. Gone are the immigrants who did much to make this country great.  They have been replaced by a flood of illegals who have been a major contributor to our economic plight. It’s a dangerous world we live in today and it’s headed in the wrong direction.  We now have a culture whose legacy is one of out-of-control corruption. A culture which breeds contempt for other people’s rights.  Now, it’s “He with the most gold rules.”

Ultimately, it’s a war for the control of people’s minds.  Unless people can put a face on an invisible enemy, they will never appreciate that they themselves are at risk. The powers that be can’t afford for the masses to know that there is a war going on – a war against the Constitution, their liberties and God.  If the people were to finally realize what is happening, it would no doubt lead to insurrection. But of course… now you know.

“The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself, or be ruled by a small elite.”

– Thomas Jefferson