The Covid Flu



According to CDC stats, Covid19 is pretty much like the flu. That’s what Fauci has said. Here’s a few fun facts:

What are the chances of not getting infected with Covid19?                                        Answer: 98%. That’s right, only 2% of people have been infected with Covid19.

What are the chances of dying if you do get infected?                                          According to the CDC, almost zero for people under age 49, less than 1% for people 50-69 and around 3% for people over 69.

What are your actual chances of dying from Covid19?                                                Answer: Almost zero for people under 69 and just .15% (or 1.5 per every 1000 people) for people over 69.

It does sound a lot like the flu, doesn’t it?



There has never been a lockdown for the flu – not even for the Swine Flu, the Bird Flu, SARS or MERS. Lockdowns for Covid19 were never necessary.  Just ask Sweden.



After 9/11, our government imposed the Patriot Act and created the Department of Homeland Security. It was a day of infamy, as FDR was famous for saying. Americans’ civil liberties have never been the same ever since. Now the excuse is the pandemic that never was.

Covid19 is not a national emergency and it certainly is not a pandemic. Besides, the country has never been locked down, ever, for any previous pandemics. It simply wasn’t necessary under the circumstances. They lied to the public about the severity of Covid19 and later admitted that they were wrong. Yet, they didn’t cancel the lockdowns. Why?

Covid19 mostly affects old people and/or those with underlying medical issues. In that regard, it is not much different than the flu. Besides, the CDC’s fatality stats show that Covid19 has run its course. Yet, some state governments continue to lockdown their states. Why?

Statistics from American universities show that there have been no deaths of patients that were treated at university hospitals for Covid19. Young people are particularly not at risk yet their livelihoods are being jeopardized.  Most cannot physically go back to school and many are out of work. Why?

Sweden is widely accepted as being the model for the response to Covid19 and Sweden never locked down anything. Yet, we are not following the Swedish model. Why?

The wheels of justice move slowly but already there have been two states (Pennsylvania and Illinois) where lockdowns were ruled unconstitutional. When it’s all said and done, I believe that few of the lockdowns will have been shown to have had a legal basis. Yet, states lockdown anyway, constitutional or not. Why?



What do 9/11 and Covid19 have in common? The answer is that these two events resulted in the greatest reduction of civil liberties in the nation’s history.


“Putting a national lockdown, stay at home orders is like house arrest. Other than slavery…this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.” – Attorney General William Barr


The Fear Epidemic


“They said close the economy.  We did. They said you don’t need masks. We said ok. They said stay at home for two weeks. We did. Then they said we do need masks. We said ok.  Then they said but it’s actually okay to gather in large crowds & mass protests because (of) social justice…They created the mistrust & you guys (the MSM) all nodded along like bobbleheaded idiots.”  – Stephen L. Miller


We didn’t have a Covid19 pandemic; what we had instead was a fear epidemic. Fear does strange things to people. Because of fear, we willingly gave control of our lives to the authoritarians.

They lied to us and we just cowered in fear – didn’t even ask why or question their judgment. They told us that millions would die – it never happened.  When the lie became apparent, they admitted the truth and told us it was just a bad flu… but they still required us to be locked down anyway. Many people still believe that they have to wear masks even if it was never required, or even necessary, in Sweden. Speaking of Sweden, the schools have always been open, along with children’s sports, gyms, restaurants, bars and shops. In short, they never closed anything.

Even today, we still haven’t gotten over it. Many states are still pretty much in lockdown. The sheeple apparently never learn. They don’t know what herd immunity is but they do follow the herd mentality. They listen to Fauci, the WHO and Bill Gates, none of whom are experts in these matters. The top epidemiologists say differently but no one is listening to them and the media rarely reports it. So, the lockdowns continue, with hardly anyone demanding that they end.

I guess people get what they deserve.


“…whenever anyone questions the official narrative of Covid-19, the official statistics, the validity of the tests, the effectiveness of masks, the powers behind the heralded vaccine to come, and the horrible consequences of the lockdowns that are destroying economies, killing people, forcing people to despair and to commit suicide, creating traumatized children, bankrupting small and middle-sized businesses for the sake of enriching the richest, etc., the corporate media mock the dissidents as conspiracy nuts, aiding the viral enemy.” – Edward Curtin



The riots are well-planned and highly coordinated events carried out by bad actors that are ferried in from out-of-state to incite riots.  They are not about racism or social justice.

The coronavirus was never about making the general public safe from a rapidly spreading virus.  Rather, it was an engineered pandemic, resulting from a man-made bio-weapon. The United Nations was the chief culprit in getting world-wide compliance to the Covid19 response, which was all based on a fake pandemic model published out of Oxford University.

What the riots and the pandemic have in common is that they are all about politics… the politics of money and power… and all roads in the world concerning money and power lead to Davos (Switzerland).

The average person is not even aware that the World Economic Forum sets the agenda for world-wide economic and political activity which is then disseminated to the participants (top-level business and government officials) at their annual meeting in Davos. As Doug Casey says, “It’s a love fest for the international ruling class.” Their agenda is referred to as The Great Reset.  The centerpiece of that agenda, as mentioned before, is money and power.  The power is to be achieved through the manipulation of world governments (think: One World Government); the money part of the Great Reset will entail a complete restructuring of the world’s financial system, which has been previously based on worthless fiat currencies.

Don’t blink now, but the next shoe is about to fall.


“No matter the problem, the prescription of the Davos crowd is always more welfare, more warfare, more money printing, more taxes, and of course, more centralization of power into global institutions.” – Doug Casey



Q&A With Dr. Fauci


This interview never happened, but all the elements of the Q&A are public knowledge, even to Dr. Fauci.

Q: Originally, how many people did the WHO estimate were going to die in the U.S. from Covid19?

Fauci: 2.2 million.

Q: How many people in the U.S. have actually died from Covid19?

Fauci: 180,000, of which about only 9,000 died of Covid19 alone.  The others had other serious medical conditions or had Covid19 in their system at the time of death.

Q: Why did we lock down our country?

Fauci: Because the WHO said that 2.2 million people would die if we didn’t.

Q:Why does the WHO and European health officials say that masks are ineffective?

Fauci: Because they’re not, obviously.  I’m sorry that I misled the public with regards to masks.

Q: Why did the U.N. warn that lockdowns could kill hundreds of thousands of children?

Fauci: That’s the latest medical research on the subject.  Lockdowns kill more people than Covid19 itself.

Q: Sorry, one last question: Since large numbers of people are not dying from Covid 19 and since lockdowns kill more people than the virus itself, why are some states still locked down?

Fauci: No answer.



Top epidemiologists will tell you that the only way to beat a virus is through our immune system.  The body has to produce the necessary antibodies to ward off the virus. Even Bill Maher knows that.


“I worry that the last two months…have given people the idea that the way for humans to win our million-year war with microbes is to avoid them completely. And I’m here to tell you: You can’t. The key to beating COVID isn’t dining through glass or never going to a concert or a ball game again. It’s your immune system.”  – Bill Maher






We’ve had four years now of a constant narrative of “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming.” It’s not that the Russians haven’t meddled. It’s just not in the way that the media has portrayed it. The reality is that all governments meddle and the U.S. heads the list.

No, the Russians didn’t hack into the DNC servers as some in the media and the government have claimed. That was an inside job courtesy of Seth Rich who was murdered shortly after leaking DNC files to Wikileaks. Julian Assange will attest to that, at which point the unsolved killing of Seth Rich will become a major story again.

However, now the truth is out. As John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, just told the world that it’s the Chinese who are actually America’s greatest threat. According to Ratcliffe, it’s the Chinese, not the Russians, who are seriously meddling in the upcoming election. It would be interesting to speculate who the Chinese might want to see win the election. Couldn’t have anything to do with Hunter Biden, could it?



In 1981, best-selling author Dean Koontz wrote The Eyes of Darkness. The plot was about a man-made coronavirus that was developed as a bioweapon in Wuhan, China. Of course, today, we have a real-life coronavirus that originated at a bio-lab in the very same Wuhan, China. Further, Professor Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize winner in medicine, says that this virus is man-made. As we all know, the Chinese covered-up the release of the virus thereby allowing the entire world to be infected with a deadly pathogen. So if Koontz were to write another story about the current pandemic, he might want to consider naming it From Wuhan, With Love.


“We came to the conclusion that there was manipulation around this virus…It is not natural. It’s the work of professionals, of molecular biologists… A very meticulous work.” – Luc Montagnier


The 5G Coronavirus


Early on in the Covid19 pandemic I wrote that, “The hot spots for the coronavirus are Wuhan (China), Tehran (Iran), Milan (Italy) and New York City. These cities have a hugely disproportionate number of the total coronavirus cases. What makes them different? Well, what they have in common is that they are all on the leading edge of the installation of 5G technology. Wuhan, for example, is China’s first 5G “smart-city” and it was ground zero for the breakout of the coronavirus global pandemic” (What’s Really Killing Us).

I bring this up again because of a recent international medical study shared on the websites of both the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health. The study found that 5G plays “the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells.” It means that, either intentionally or by accident, Covid19 is probably a technological driven condition/disease. That’s why Wuhan, Tehran, Milan and New York City were hit much harder than anywhere else. Just ask all the people on cruise ships why so many people on cruises contracted Covid19. That is, cruise ships also have 5G (and in a very confined area at that).

By looking at a world map of Covid19 by country, one thing is evident. Cities, and countries, that are highly-advanced in terms of technology have had the worst experience with Covid19.  For example, Africa was hardly touched by the virus. In the U.S., Covid19 is particularly a problem in major cities on the East Coast and the West Coast, but for most of the rest of the country this hasn’t even risen to the level of a flu pandemic.

That’s why I refer to it as the 5G coronavirus.



5G is not just an upgrade from 4G. Rather, it is a completely new and dangerous technology that was designed for military use on the battlefield and is now being sold as a communications system. Caveat emptor.

“They said close the economy.  We did. They said you don’t need masks. We said ok. They said stay at home for two weeks. We did. Then they said we do need masks. We said ok.  Then they said but it’s actually okay to gather in large crowds & mass protests because (of) social justice…They created the mistrust & you guys (the MSM) all nodded along like bobbleheaded idiots.”  – Stephen L. Miller

The Covid19 rhetoric is bordering on the ridiculous these days. Depending on one’s political persuasion, you either believe that we should always believe the medical experts or you don’t. Apparently, Stephen Miller doesn’t.

All I know is that Fauci first said that there was no need for us to change our lifestyle to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. There was nothing to worry about, he said. Then, two weeks later he did a complete 180 and warned that the sky was falling and millions would die. So, I guess that I have to side with Miller on this one.



Here’s what else that I think that I know.  Someone is going to have to pay for all of this. By someone, of course, I mean you and me. Huge tax increases from both cities and states are now inevitable because of the economic damage inflicted by the Covid19 lockdowns. The sea of red ink will probably drown us all. As for the economy, it is doubtful that it will ever recover, certainly not in my lifetime. That’s what we get for listening to the “experts.”

Recommended reading: “Major Tax Increases Are About To Slam America”



It seems like every day I see a similar headline talking about how many new Covid19 cases there are in Texas or how many total Covid19 cases there are worldwide. No doubt, it’s because they want us to live in fear and accept the lockdowns and other draconian measures they impose.

There’s always a thing or two that they conveniently forget to mention, though.  For example, many more people are infected with the coronavirus than is what being reported. The CDC recently said that there are 10 times as many cases as what has been reported.  This is due to the fact that the vast majority of Covid19 infections are asymptomatic.  Actually, it could be much more than 10 times since a medical study by the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health indicated that it could be as high as 85 times more.

This is actually good news. The reason is that there is no known way to combat a virus – none. There is no vaccine that has ever been developed that will kill a coronavirus. Some people who take the flu shot still get the flu; some even die. Everyone, and I do mean pretty much everyone, is going to get the coronavirus one way or another. When that happens, herd immunity will be achieved and the virus will eventually disappear (since our bodies will produce anti-bodies to ward off the virus).

The only solution to this kind of pandemic is our immune system. Even Bill Maher gets it. On his show, Bill had this to say, “I worry that the last two months…have given people the idea that the way for humans to win our million-year war with microbes is to avoid them completely. And I’m here to tell you: You can’t. The key to beating COVID isn’t dining through glass or never going to a concert or a ball game again. It’s your immune system.”  So, I ask you, why are we all panicking?






The Second Wave


Well, the second wave is upon us and here’s why I don’t care (and neither should you). When the first wave hit we were told that there were two options – let the virus run its course or lockdown the nation.  We were told by the experts, like Dr. Fauci, that both options would result in the same number of deaths. The only differences would be the timing of the deaths and the availability of healthcare (particularly, hospital beds).

We were told that if we went the lockdown route, all we were doing was “smoothing out the curve,” so to speak. If we chose the lockdown, there would still be a second wave (and they were right, obviously). So, now these same experts are making noises about locking down the country again. However, here’s what they are not saying:

  • A second lockdown was never part of the second option and, furthermore, is not even necessary.
  • A second lockdown will not prevent more fatalities. All we would be doing is smoothing the curve.
  • Although the number of Covid19 cases are increasing rapidly in some areas, the number of deaths is decreasing rapidly.

The reason that deaths are going down is that Covid19 is acting more like the flu (coronavirus) that it really is. Up ’til now, Covid19 deaths have primarily been confined to older people, especially those with underlying medical conditions.  However, older people constitute only 16% of the population.  So, now that the low-hanging fruit is gone, deaths are way down (even with a higher number of Covid19 cases).

Bottom line: It’s the flu, so get over it.  We’ve never locked down the nation for a flu epidemic before and we have had some very serious ones in the past. Here’s what you need to know. Lockdowns and vaccines are not going to protect you from Covid19; only herd immunity is going to do that. However, you will almost never hear about that from the media and you need to ask the question why not. The answer is intuitively obvious – the call for a second lockdown is not about your health, it’s about politics pure and simple.

The data and research clearly shows that a large segment of the population (under age 45) has had very few fatalities. The Swedish model was to quarantine the high risk group while allowing the general population to self-quarantine, if necessary…and they got the same results of the UK that locked down everyone. That’s why the Swedish approach in dealing with Covid19 is now the model. So, if no-lockdown is the model, why would anyone be suggesting another lockdown?



The economy is on life-support already and the government is bankrupt. Bankrupt, you understand. In addition, as an article today in ZeroHedge said, “American cities face an imminent fiscal reckoning of apocalyptic proportions.” States too by the way. For example, some state pension plans are so far underwater that retirees may never see a nickel. Illinois, Michigan and California are already in line for a federal bailout.

However, the nation is bankrupt. Where is the money supposed to come from? According to some politicians like AOC or Elizabeth Warren, we can just print all the money we want including the trillions necessary to fund the Green New Deal. That used to be somewhat true, but the demise of the petro-dollar has changed all that. Besides, the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar has already been severely eroded by previously printing “all the money we want.”

Forty-five million people have filed new unemployment claims in just the last three months due to the Covid19 crisis. Further, the Federal Reserve has used the Covid19 crisis as cover to do irreparable damage to the nation. You can only imagine what will happen if we lock down again.

The Covid19 pandemic is a crisis of epic proportion. However, the coming economic crisis will totally dwarf that. We are well down the road to the next Great Depression. Watching the Covid19 crisis is like watching a train wreck in slow-motion. The train wreck itself is pretty bad, but when the train goes off the tracks it destroys everything and everybody in its path. Of course, that’s the general idea behind a lockdown in the first place.