America At War


The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any single thing known to mankind”. Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Winston Churchill supposedly said that history was written by the victors. I guess Rousseau would have agreed with him. The point is – history contains a lot of fake news.

Let’s take another look at the current left vs. right political conflict which has been characterized by extreme partisan politics. While it’s true that the two diametrically opposed camps don’t like one another (to say the least), you now have one side identifying themselves as The Resistance. Resistance to what, though, I might ask as the two parties are constantly either in or out of power.

Because of the polarization of the respective political positions, a number of commentators have said that it appears that civil war may be inevitable. I believe that statement may be true, although woefully incomplete. Here’s why.

I think that it would be more appropriate to view the American Revolution as a defining moment in world history that represented the triumph of the individual over the state (and over the people and institutions that control the affairs of states). However, with the founding of the American republic, the real war was only just beginning. As can be seen from the 2016 election results, people hate losing power.

Accordingly, I would argue that after the War of Independence had been won, the Republic has been constantly under attack ever since. Some of the significant events in American history need to be revisited and looked at through the prism of America At War. For example, here’s a short list:

  • The War of 1812
  • The American Civil War
  • The Act of 1871
  • Founding of the Federal Reserve System in 1913
  • The White House Coup of 1933
  • Establishment of American intelligence operations (the CIA) under the leadership of former Nazis.
  • Establishment of the American space program (NASA) under the leadership of former Nazis.
  • The assassination of four sitting U. S. presidents

Today, the battlefield of partisan politics has moved to some strange arenas like the football field and The Emmys. On college campuses, many students are against free speech and feel that violence in support of their own agenda is permissible because it constitutes self-defense. The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations of 2011 proved that sometimes demonstrators don’t even know what they are demonstrating for. They protested against the rich who they labeled as the 1% but what they didn’t realize is that the most of the super-wealthy people in America are on the left, starting with the likes of Google, Amazon and Facebook. Further, Millennials oppose capitalism but it’s not the system that’s really at fault, but the people (including Wall Street) who run the system. Accordingly, the American system should be more appropriately labeled fascism rather than capitalism.

Now, today, we have Carol J. Baker M.D., an infectious disease expert, who said that an overwhelming majority of people who refuse to take vaccines are white people, and a good way to resolve the problem of people refusing to take vaccines is to simply “get rid of all the whites in the United States”. Of course, Dr. Baker herself is white. Given that kind of mindset and the great divide between the factions, a civil war is perhaps inevitable…but it’s been over 200 years in the making. Regardless, America is already at war.


History is a pack of lies we play on the dead.”Voltaire




It’s interesting how many cultures have similar stories of how the gods first visited them.  It makes one wonder if perhaps they’re not the very same gods.

Take the ancient Egyptians for example.  Their history indicates that “in the beginning” the gods came to Egypt.  They referred to this period  as Zep Tepi (The First Time); it was a time when the Sky Gods descended from the stars and the “waters of the abyss” (the Great Flood) receded.  Our understanding of Zep Tepi comes from the Palermo Stone, among other sources, which date back to almost 3000 BC.   However, Zep Tepi  occurred in a remote epoch prior to ancient Egypt.  Based on the kings’ list of Manetho, an ancient Egyptian historian, Zep Tepi might have actually been some 25,000 years ago. 

So how was it that the ancient Egyptians built those incredible structures, including the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid?  Under the circumstances, how was it possible that such a backward country (ancient Egypt) had any technology at all?  There was no formal education system in ancient Egypt and what little education existed was limited to boys studying to become a scribe or a priest.

James Fergusson, in his work the History of Architecture, describes the Great Pyramid as “the most perfect and gigantic specimen of masonry that the world has yet seen.” The Great Pyramid incorporates advanced technology and very advanced mathematics/geometry.  Even by today’s standards it is a miracle in engineering.  The builders of the Great Pyramid understood the mystical number Phi, the Golden Ratio, that was not “discovered” until the great Greek Civilization, at least one thousand years later (if not much more).  Civilization like that just doesn’t pop up out of nowhere.  It takes time, and lots of it, for a group of people to progress from being hunters and fisherman to being farmers to building small buildings (rather than mud huts) and then cities to having an education system to finally developing technology. There are no writings or archaeological evidence in Egypt of any of that.  Besides, just how did the knowledge disappear, anyway?

Let’s not forget that some researchers have challenged the conventional idea of exactly when the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were built.  Geologist Robert Schock, for example, studied the weathering effects on the enclosure of the Sphinx and came to the conclusion that the weathering could have only been caused by rain, rather than wind and sand.  If that’s true, one would have to go thousands of years further back in time to find an era of large rainfall that would account for such weathering, since the Sphinx is currently situated in the Sahara Desert.  With regards to the exact time of the construction of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, any placement further back into antiquity makes the whole discussion problematic as modern man presumably was just then crawling out of his cave at the end of the last ice age.

Egypt was an illiterate country in ancient times and certainly did not have anything resembling the know-how that would have been required to construct the Great Pyramid.  Even today, Egypt has a literacy rate of only 72%, which is no better than some Third World countries.  Ancient Egypt was like a bright flame; admired by all, understood by none…and apparently the flame came into existence without a candle or a candle maker…and then the flame mysteriously blew out.

So, then who were the pyramid builders?  If you’re interested, I’ll let you pursue that question. If you do go down that path, here are some things to consider:

  • Like the advanced Egyptian civilization, which appeared out of nowhere and disappeared just as mysteriously, another civilization had a somewhat similar history in somewhat the same timeframe in close approximation to Egypt (in what is now modern-day Iraq).  That civilization, referred to as Sumer, left detailed records (including drawings) of their living gods.
  • Pyramids were constructed in ancient times all over the world.  Some of these pyramids are bigger and/or older than the Great Pyramid.
  • Some of the pharaohs who ruled ancient Egypt have rather interesting mummies.  Their hair, which has been carefully preserved, is light-colored (brown or blond) and their skulls are clearly Nordic, rather than African.

A recent genetic study on the pharaoh King Tut revealed that he is related to 70% of the males who currently reside in Britain.  The inconvenient truth is that those pharaohs were not of the same ethnic/genetic lineage as the natives of ancient Egypt that they ruled over.

The ancient Egyptians supposedly believed that humans were meant to evolve beyond their present terrestrial form and are destined to become as gods, which is echoed in the Bible with Jesus saying, “Ye are gods” (John 10:34).  According to them, the gods return at the beginning and end of each time cycle, or half of the solar system 26,000 year orbit around the galactic center.  So does the Vatican know all of this?  Of course, they do.  Then, are they anticipating the return of the gods?

P.S. Please check my prior posts for the answer.

“The study of prehistory today is in a state of crisis. Archaeologists all over the world have realized that much of prehistory, as written in the existing textbooks, is inadequate: some of it quite simply wrong… prehistory as we have learnt it is based upon several assumptions which can no longer be accepted as valid.”

  – Colin Renfrew, prominent archaeologist

The Sons of God


According to the Bible, “The sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves… when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them….”(Genesis 6: 2-4).  In addition, ancient works such as the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees and Ugaritic texts also recorded somewhat similar stories. However, no one has ever explained who exactly these Sons of God (bene haʼelohim) were.  Although unknown to Anthropology, the Sons of God had to have had a genetic impact on human evolution.

Some researchers have done a wonderful job showing that the construction of the Great Pyramid utilized technology superior to what exists today, and incredible underwater discoveries speak to a lost civilization in the very distant past.  However, no one has ever addressed the issue of how it was possible for mankind to have evolved on this planet so as to produce such a civilization (for further discussion you can go to my article “The Lost Civilization” which was posted 10/26/12).  The implications of this missing civilization are rather staggering because it implies that man has in some respects de-evolved since that time.  After all, how do you lose the knowledge that came with such technology?  Further, where did the super-advanced people go and why did civilization regress?

Genetic testing is certainly in the forefront these days.  A current study relates to the ancestry of people with blue eyes.  Researchers now claim to have traced the blue-eyed gene back to one person in the Caucasus Mountains area near the Black Sea some 10,000 years ago.  However, where did that one person get their blue eyes from?  No one really seems to know.

It’s been suggested that perhaps the blue-eyed gene is a genetic defect, a mutation in effect, but there’s no explanation for how that could have happened.  It’s problematic as to just how the blue-eyed gene could have spread throughout a significant portion of the world’s population. This enigma is complicated by the fact that the blue-eyed gene is recessive, which requires that both parents have a blue-eyed gene.  This means that blue eyes could only have originated in a group of people that had only blue eyes.

According to current evolutionary theory, that is not even considered to be a possibility.  All blue-eyed people supposedly evolved from dark-eyed people and all light-haired people (the light hair gene also being recessive) supposedly evolved from dark-haired people.  We all came “out of Africa”, right?  As for skull types, forget it.  Despite the fact that it would have taken millions of years for a separate skull type to evolve, the human species nonetheless has three very distinct skull types.  The only possible explanation for this is that either there were multiple Adam and Eves and/or that there was off-planet interference with man’s natural evolution, such as the Sons of God or genetic manipulation.  Either of these scenarios could explain the recent results of genetic research into the origins of Ashkenazi Jews.  That research demonstrated that 40% of the Ashkenazi population are descended from just four women; further, that those four women are not genetically related to one another nor to any current Middle Eastern ethnic group.  So their civilization apparently materialized out of thin air.

DNA testing has also been done on the mummy of King Tut (who ruled Egypt circa 1300 BC ).  The conclusion of the testing was that half of the men in Europe (and 70% of men in England) are direct descendants of King Tut!  This demonstrates that the ancient migration of Indo-Europeans is far more complicated than ever imagined.  The DNA testing also disclosed that both King Tut and Europeans have a common ancestor, the very same blue-eyed ancestor (see above) who once lived in the Caucasus almost ten thousand years ago!

Although Indo-Europeans today include a wide range of skin color, hair color and eye color, this group was originally known for a Nordic skull, blue (or green eyes) and blond (or red) hair.  In America, for example, over half of the population at the turn of the 20th century still had blond hair.  Excluding the Americas, Indo-Europeans geographically have ranged from the Guanches of the Canary Islands (off the west coast of Africa) to the Uyghurs of Western China, as well as the Tarim mummies of China.  In between, there are the Tuareg/Berbers (of North Africa), the Aryans (of the Indus Valley civilization/modern day Pakistan) and the Persians (of Iran).  Of course, Europeans, Russians, Turks and Semites generally have Indo-European ancestry as well.  It should be noted that despite all of the cross-breeding over thousands of years, one can go to Iran today and see any number of blond hair and/or blue-eyed children.

Of all the recessive gene traits, including white skin color, blond hair and blue eyes, Rh negative blood may be the most interesting because it does not share an evolutionary background with the ape family. Rh blood acts as a universal donor since people with Rh negative blood can give their blood to a Rh positive person, but not the other way around.  Rh negative blood is therefore pure, the blood of the gods.

With respect to biblical civilizations, the Kolbrin Bible says that the red-headed Scots have their ancient roots in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) while some of the Egyptian pharaohs were also Indo-European as can be witnessed by the Nordic skull and light-colored hair of their mummies, and by their DNA as is the case with King Tut.  Further, the Bible mentions that Esau and King David had red hair.

The Panspermia Hypothesis originated with the Greek Civilization.  It holds that the seeds of life have an extraterrestrial origin.  In that vein, world-famous biologist Louis Pasteur is well-known for demonstrating that life has to come from life, and not from a spontaneous generation of life from some primordial soup of molecules.  Panspermia became popularized in the 19th century by physicist Lord Kelvin and in the 20th century by astrophysicist Sir Fred Hoyle, among others.  Francis Crick, a theoretical molecular biologist who was the co-winner of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the molecular structure of nucleic acids, took this theory to a whole new level by suggesting that Earth was intentionally seeded by an extraterrestrial race.  Genetic research supports Crick’s theory in that it has identified 223 genes in our DNA that have no predecessor(s) on the genetic evolutionary tree.  Scientists have reported that these genes have an extraterrestrial origin.

With respect to the out of Africa theory, there is another way, genetically speaking, for Indo-Europeans and “first man” to have had the same genetic marker.  It’s really quite simple.  They both could have evolved separately from a common gene pool!  It is this gene pool then that is actually the real missing link in evolution, which explains all of the pervading problems with evolutionary theory.  One thing is for sure.  Each of these recessive traits came from an original donor(s) who had that trait and that that trait has an extraterrestrial origin, be it the Sons of God or whoever.  Francis Crick was spot on when he said that humans were an extraterrestrial race.

The origins of man have been forever shrouded in mystery.  Some people would like to keep it that way.  That’s why they will never tell you that the three races were seeded separately and that’s why they will never tell you about extraterrestrial involvement in the creation of homo sapiens sapiens.  You’ll never hear about the true origins of the white race because it’s supposedly not politically correct.  You’ll never hear that in the ancient cultures of Egypt, the Middle East and the Indus Civilization a white race was in every case the ruling elite.  All that they’ll ever tell you is that they mysteriously appeared in the Caucasus about 10,000 years ago.  They won’t even tell you where they migrated to; that they were known as Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Germans, Vikings, the Irish and Scots, among other names in other places at other times, and they definitely won’t tell you that this group included the Lost Tribes of Israel!


The information presented above is to demonstrate that there’s always another perspective to any issue, another path to the truth.  Science and religion are not absolutes, far from it.  Information is power and there will always be people who seek to control it (and you).


“What luck for rulers that men do not think.”

– Adolf Hitler

Lost History


It was Winston Churchill that supposedly said, “History was written by the victors”.  If so, Churchill should have known inasmuch as he was also an historian.  But then, just what part of history could stand some revisions?  Well, I would personally opt for that part of history that hasn’t even been written yet, a time that is generally referred to as prehistory (or before events were recorded by man).  I’ve obliquely mentioned this void in history in prior blogs, such as “A Dirty Little Secret” and “The Lost Civilization”.  So here’s another piece of the puzzle.

The earliest writing systems are generally credited to Mesopotamia circa 3500BC.  Although there were some creation stories that survived (like the “Epic of Gilgamesh”), there was no written history of prior civilizations (that we know of).  Certainly, there were great libraries in ancient times, in Babylon and Alexandria for example, that were said to contain all the wisdom in the world.  But, those libraries were destroyed or abandoned and most of their great writings were lost to humanity.  It is said that there are still some private collections in the world today, the Vatican library being chief among them, that have extremely old books that only a few men have ever seen in modern times; but again, such texts have never been made public.

As a result, history books generally only go back to about 3500BC.  However, recent archeological finds, especially cities found in Mexico and South Africa, suggest that civilization goes back more than 200,000 years, and by inference first man goes back much further yet.  The strange thing about these discoveries is that Mexico and South Africa have never been considered to be possibilities for the Cradle of Civilization.  Adding to the mystery is the fact that the Mexico discovery has been suppressed for over fifty years by mainstream archeology because it breaks the chronology timeline and would cause the history books to be rewritten.

If that wasn’t jaw-dropping enough, there are some researchers who believe that the origins of man on this planet go back millions of years.  Historian Michael Cremo, for example, has written a book entitled “Forbidden Archeology” suggesting such a theory and NBC did a TV special, “The Mysterious Origins of Man”, many years ago based in part on his work.

Further, other cultures like the Mayans and the Vedic culture have creation stories that go back billions of years. That’s billions with a “b”.  In addition, the Mayan calendar which has been proven to be as accurate as our own modern calendar has a great cycle that lasts millions of years (into the past).  The burning question is this: Why were these incredibly long cycles necessary and who was on this planet back then to make such an observation?

Now, I can just hear all of the objections to this scenario.  But the Bible says …and science has proven that… and if it’s true, why haven’t we heard about it before?  The answer is that we have heard it before, but mainstream historians and scientists (at least in western civilization) refer to it as mythology, instead of the true history that it really represents.  How arrogant are we to assume that other cultures couldn’t possibly understand things that we ourselves haven’t yet learned.  Ergo, it’s mythology and, therefore, the history books don’t have to mention it.  So that brings us back full circle to “history was written by the victors”.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide who the victors were (assuming that I haven’t lost you already).  However, it’s probably not what you think.

According to the Bible, man was first created about 5,800 years ago.   Likewise, the Jewish calendar, which is dated from similar biblical texts, is currently in the year 5,773.  Science, on the other hand, dates man’s first appearance (in Africa) to roughly 200,000 years ago.  Since many Christians take the Bible literally, religion and science have been at loggerheads ever since.  The conundrum for religion is that if it were proven that man was born 200,000 years ago, then the Bible would be wrong and, by extension, could not be taken literally at all.  It’s an even more precarious position for scientists, who are at the same time Christian, and want to believe in the Bible but are faced with the results of their own scientific research.

Now the history books state that man evolved slowly and gradually from 200,000 years ago and, according to science, the first significant milestone for man was the development of agriculture at least 10,000 years ago (as opposed to the Bible’s rendering of 5,800 years ago for first man).  Prior to that, man was a hunter/gatherer who had not yet even invented anything more than very rudimentary tools… and yet.

The world of archaeology is currently upstaging both religion and science.  Everyone has probably heard of the more famous sites like the Great Pyramid or Machu Picchu.  However, some of the more recent discoveries are truly amazing.  For starters there are the pyramids in Bosnia, which are larger and significantly older than the pyramids in Egypt.  In addition, there are pyramids and whole cities that have been discovered beneath the oceans.  Underwater ruins have been discovered around the world, from Japan to Cuba to India to the North Sea (just to name a few).  What makes these discoveries stand out from discoveries on land is that these sites mostly can be dated to the ending of the last ice age, some 12,000 years ago, when the world’s sea level rose significantly.

Now progress in civilization normally takes thousands of years.  To understand when life began you have to work backward from what is known to the beginning.  In the case of these latest archaeological finds, fully developed civilization existed in some places prior to 10,000BC and you need to then work backward from there.  This makes the scientific estimate of 200,000 years ago for the appearance of man seem reasonable, although it does raise other significant issues.  Even more recent developments surround the discovery of cities in Mexico and South Africa that have both been dated to at least 200,000 years.  If true, that would blow any and all theories out of the water.

In any event, pre-history was apparently witness to an advanced civilization of some kind that was light years beyond what otherwise was in existence at that time.   As one civilization morphed from hunter/gatherers to farmers and later into the Bronze Age and the development of more sophisticated weapons and even later to the advent of Greek Civilization and then 3,000 more years to modern man and his string of impressive technological discoveries (beginning in the 20th century), a more advanced civilization somehow came and went.

How does one solve this enigma?  Well to begin with, religion needs to admit that man existed before Adam and Eve.  Perhaps, that’s the real story of how Cain was able to leave the Garden of Eden and find a wife.  As for science, they need to stop being politically correct and admit that the process of gradual evolution is not a completely workable thesis.  After all, there apparently were two completely different civilizations living on this planet at the very same time (overlapping for at least some period of history).  So many ancient cultures, the Mayans and Incans included, were visited by “gods” who brought the seeds of civilization with them.  Mayan legend states that these men came from and returned to the stars.  Other cultures, like the well-documented Dogon tribe of West Africa, tell a similar story.

The story of this lost civilization has been suppressed for thousands of years.  Most legends and religions do state, however, that the gods will return.  However, I can only imagine what would happen if they do and found that the masses didn’t even know that they had been here.