The backlash from Trump’s new unemployment benefits plan was very quick in coming.  Many state governors say that they have no money to pay for the plan which is to be funded 75% by the federal government and 25% by the states.  That’s interesting because the state of Washington just announced a $40 million plan to support illegal aliens during the coronavirus pandemic.

The solution seems pretty obvious to me.  Take the $40 million targeted for the illegal aliens and give it to unemployed U.S. citizens, or even to the homeless for that matter.  I think even Cher could get on board with that.

Of course, deporting the illegal aliens is an even better idea.

Funny thing how so very few people tend to take homelessness seriously. It must be that they don’t have a tent city across the street from their home (yet).

For sure, the socialists could care less about the homeless.  The reason I say that is that socialist cities, like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City, have tons of money and yet they’re the ones that have the worst problems.  Yes, I’m ragging on the socialists again but it certainly seems like they deserve it. We hear all about how they want to give free medical care to the people who are in the country illegally, but nothing about taking care of the homeless who are generally U.S. citizens.

You see, we have to choose.  Do we take care of U.S. citizens first or illegal aliens.  Which is it?

Welfare benefits, alone, paid to households headed by immigrants total over $100 billion annually. In addition, there’s any number of other significant costs related to illegal immigration.  I’ll name just a few:

  • Free education for the children of illegal immigrants
  • The cost of preventing illegal immigration.
  • The cost of deporting illegal immigrants
  • The cost of incarcerating illegal immigrants convicted of crimes.

One of the hidden effects of illegal immigration is that it drives down hourly wages and increases unemployment of unskilled workers.  This is why a majority of Blacks and Hispanics are against illegal immigration. They know that the new immigrants will supplant them in the workforce. Of course, the cost of the governments’ unemployment benefits paid to U.S. citizens naturally goes up.  Yet another cost.

And, perhaps, the biggest issue of all that is connected with illegal immigration is… the social cost of crime, drugs and human trafficking.

So, here’s a proposed solution: Eliminate illegal immigration. Completely. Illegal aliens are a drain on the economy.  Free up the money spent on them and on things associated with illegal immigration and use that to permanently solve the homelessness problem.  I’m sure even Cher would applaud that.



Our current situation is unsustainable. Unfortunately, certain people want to fundamentally transform our nation into a country where cheap labor is plentiful and the State dictates all things big and small. Elites and cheap labor.  No middle class. It’s a dirty little secret that you’re not supposed to know about… but, of course, now you know.


“I understand helping struggling immigrants, but my city (Los Angeles) isn’t taking care of its own. What about the 50,000+ citizens who live on the streets. Ppl who live below the poverty line & hungry? If my state can’t take care of Its own (many are vets), how can it take care of more?”  – Cher

By some accounts, there are 1.7 million homeless people in America.  Wikipedia lists 27 tent cities in the country. That doesn’t even include major tent cities in places like Santa Ana, California (just down the street from Disneyland), Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, St. Louis, Las Cruces (New Mexico) and even Honolulu.  Of these 34 tent cities, 31 are in states that have Democratic Party governors and the cities have almost exclusively Democratic Party mayors.  One has to ask the question why.

While people will no doubt debate the causes of homelessness, I have little doubt that the lack of government response to the problem has political overtones.  For example, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has said that the problem in New York City can be laid at the feet of Mayor Bill de Blasio. He recently warned that Mr. de Blasio’s policies were causing a “homeless epidemic.”

With places like California and New York City collecting such inordinately high taxes, you have to wonder if Scarborough isn’t right.  This is especially true since the cities with the biggest homeless problem are Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. The money, obviously, is there but it is being spent elsewhere.  One of the places the money is going is that it is being spent on illegal aliens as all three of the aforementioned cities are also sanctuary cities and the tent city phenomenon has only come to the forefront since these cities established themselves as sanctuary cities.  Cher admitted as much saying, “I understand helping struggling immigrants, but my city (Los Angeles) isn’t taking care of its own. What about the 50,000+ citizens who live on the streets. Ppl who live below the poverty line & hungry? If my state can’t take care of Its own (many are vets), how can it take care of more?”

When people (politicians) have the resources to solve a problem but don’t, it’s because they don’t really want to regardless of what they might say publicly.  As the homeless crisis deepens, keep in mind that the politicians can fix this problem if they want to or if they are forced to because the public is holding their feet to the fire.  That’s why Rahm Emanuel is no longer the mayor in Chicago.

Four of the worst run cities in America are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City.  I guess you could lump Baltimore in with those four as well.  What they all have in common is that they are governed by people with a far-left political ideology.  Welcome to socialism in action in America.

Politics is like a circus – it’s life under the big tent (city).



Kay Coles James is the President of the Heritage Foundation, the first African-American woman to hold that post.  She’s written an article entitled, “America’s Past Shows Why Socialism Won’t Work.” It’s well worth the read. Here’s the link to the article: