The Democratic Party used to represent the underdog, the little guy and those with little to no representation, especially minorities.  What happened?

Sure, the Party still arguably represents poor people although even though that may now be in doubt.  Certainly, they are still the party of “free stuff.” They still espouse plenty of social programs, although even that has taken a different fork in the road. Today, the biggest social programs being proposed have nothing to do with providing an umbrella to support the disadvantaged, and certainly not the homeless or veterans. All the talk now is about the Green New Deal and spending trillions of dollars that we don’t have on radically transforming (socially reengineering) the country.  Yet, they don’t want to spend even a small fraction of that to do something about the sh**hole that places like Baltimore have become or cleaning up all the poop on the streets of San Francisco, just to name a few of the major problems that have hit the headlines recently.

Here’s the question that a lot of people are asking: What happened to the people of color amongst the Party’s 2020 presidential candidates?  A recent headline in The New American reads “The Debate Stage: Democrats Blame Their Voters For Their White Presidential Candidates.” The problem with that take is that no one has voted yet.  This is strictly something that is internal to the Party itself. Just ask Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard if the Party’s rules are biased against people of color? You won’t need to ask Democratic Representative Barbara Lee, though. She has publicly said that “the Democratic National Committee’s rules for determining who can participate in its presidential debates is systematically discriminatory against people of color.” Even prominent people of color in the Democratic Party, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, did not endorse a person of color, and not even a woman for that matter. Don’t you have to walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk?

So, how have we gotten to this point? Where did the old Democratic Party go?  Well for starters, the Party no longer truly represents blue-collar workers as so many of those jobs were shipped overseas. As for Blacks and Hispanics, they have been displaced in the party hierarchy by illegal immigrants. Sanctuary cities can spend millions protecting illegal immigrants without much of a thought to its citizens, particularly Blacks and Hispanics.  It’s really quite ironic since most of the illegal immigrants, themselves, are Hispanic.  As a result, many Blacks and Hispanics are leaving the Democratic Party because they are smart enough to realize that the Democratic Party is simply pandering to them to get their votes.  So, the old core constituency of the party is slowly dissipating.

It was Gregory Meeks of the Black Caucus who spilled the beans when he brought the fight into the open by publicly calling out certain fellow Democrats for targeting the congressional seats of people of color in the upcoming 2020 elections. Then there is civil rights activist Bob Woodson who said that Elizabeth Warren was using racism as a shield to avoid talking about the real problems in the Black community. Candace Owens, for one, would certainly agree (see below).

You may not be old enough to remember what the old Democratic Party was like, but I do. What it has changed into is completely unrecognizable from what I recall. Today, the power behind the throne of the Democratic Party is the white liberal elites (according to none other than the aforementioned Gregory Meeks). It’s no longer about the little guy, it’s about Silicon Valley and Hollywood, it’s about the media companies, and ultimately it’s all about globalism. You and I, we don’t have a voice in the Democratic Party – not anymore.


“You know that white supremacy and white nationalism rank no where near the top of the issues that is facing Black America… It is an attempt to make the election all about race…The things that are actually harming Black America – #1 father absence #2 the education system and the illiteracy rate… White supremacy and white nationalism, if I had to make a list again of 100 things, would not be on it. This hearing, in my opinion, is a farce.  And it’s ironic that you’re sitting here and having three Caucasian people testify and tell you what their expertise is. You want to know what my expertise are – Black and American.”  – Candace Owens, testifying before Congress

Politicians opine on all things big and small with rarely a thought about the voter. The voting public says that they can’t trust them but, interestingly enough, continue to vote them into office. That’s why I say that it’s a politician’s world. Today’s headlines tell the story:

Headline: Democrats Freak Out After Transcript Reveals Trump Is On Crowdstrike Trail

Comment: Russia-collusion is over, but the Russia hoax narrative is just beginning.

Headline: Wall Street Journal Columnist Nukes Democratic Talking Points on Ukraine Debacle

From journalist Kimberly Strassel: “Having read DOJ’s Trump-Ukraine release, here’s the real story: This is another internal attempt to take out a president, on the basis of another non-smoking-gun.”

Comment: But there is a smoking gun with respect to Ukraine and Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The two of them even give conflicting accounts on how much Joe knew.

Headline: Hundreds of Documents Conflict With Biden’s Ukranian Prosecutor Story

Comment: No way that Biden can beat Warren after this.

Headline: 14 Million Illegal Immigrants Cost Americans $132 Billion A Year

Comments: Can you even imagine how much “open borders” would cost?

Headline: EU Could Be Spending More On Private Jet Travels For Climate Crusading Officials

Comment: So Al Gore and his Davos cronies get to have private jets but the masses will have to ride on trains (not even cars). However, AOC gets to use Uber rather than taking a train.

Politicians (and the MSM) rarely inform the public of much of anything. Rather, their public pronouncements (and news programming) are intended to misinform. You can usually assume that there is an agenda behind everything that they say and do, an agenda which if you knew you would likely vote them out of office. Today’s headlines tell the story:


Headline: Black Leaders Say Endorsing Elizabeth Warren Has Prompted Racist Attacks From Sanders’ Supporters

Comment: Ho-hum. Another day, another racist.

Headline: Far-Left MSNBC Conspiracy Theorist Joy Reid Says White Christian Men Want Apartheid in America

Comment: It takes one to know one, a racist that is. And that’s why MSNBC’s ratings are in the tank.

Headline: Rosario Dawson: ICE Raids Part of Larger White Nationalism Narrative

Comment: And what do we call the ICE raids under Obama – Black Domestic Terrorism?

Headline #1: Yang: Climate Change May Require Elimination of Car Ownership

Headline #2: Andrew Yang’s Climate Change Plan Includes Taxing Cow Farts

Comment: Taxing cow farts? And that’s why Yang will never be President.

Headline: Julian Castro Campaign Manager: Opposition to Illegal Immigration is Racism

Comment, Last I checked, illegal immigration was…well, illegal. So, I guess that means that opposing crime is now racist. And that’s why Castro will never be President.

Headline: CNN’s Savidge Goes To Democratic Stronghold In Minnesota Finds Everyone Is Voting For Trump

Comment: The reason, according to Savidge, is that “Democrats and their socialist promises scare the hell out of Middle America.”


Opinion piece:

In an interview on CNBC, hedge fund legend Leon Cooperman gave the financial markets’ perspective on the 2020 election. Cooperman criticized Warren’s policies saying: “Her policies are counter-productive…you don’t make the poor people rich by making the rich people poor.”

Comment: And you don’t make the country rich by guaranteeing a livelihood to every single person. Contrary to what some politicians believe, we don’t all have a right to free medical care, free education and either a job or a guaranteed income (if we don’t want to work). Someone has to pay for the largess and the government doesn’t have the authority to institute these policies unless the citizens say so. In the real world, the country will become rich only when everyone contributes and is not a drag on the financial health of the nation.


Humor of the day:

Headline: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Falsely Claims D.C. Was the First the First U.S. Territory To Abolish Slavery

Comment: AOC’s Justice Democrats are trying to supplant Black congresspersons with their own people in the 2020 elections. Yet, here she is supposedly championing a Black cause…and can’t even get her facts straight at that.

Funny thing how so very few people tend to take homelessness seriously. It must be that they don’t have a tent city across the street from their home (yet).

For sure, the socialists could care less about the homeless.  The reason I say that is that socialist cities, like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City, have tons of money and yet they’re the ones that have the worst problems.  Yes, I’m ragging on the socialists again but it certainly seems like they deserve it. We hear all about how they want to give free medical care to the people who are in the country illegally, but nothing about taking care of the homeless who are generally U.S. citizens.

You see, we have to choose.  Do we take care of U.S. citizens first or illegal aliens.  Which is it?

Welfare benefits, alone, paid to households headed by immigrants total over $100 billion annually. In addition, there’s any number of other significant costs related to illegal immigration.  I’ll name just a few:

  • Free education for the children of illegal immigrants
  • The cost of preventing illegal immigration.
  • The cost of deporting illegal immigrants
  • The cost of incarcerating illegal immigrants convicted of crimes.

One of the hidden effects of illegal immigration is that it drives down hourly wages and increases unemployment of unskilled workers.  This is why a majority of Blacks and Hispanics are against illegal immigration. They know that the new immigrants will supplant them in the workforce. Of course, the cost of the governments’ unemployment benefits paid to U.S. citizens naturally goes up.  Yet another cost.

And, perhaps, the biggest issue of all that is connected with illegal immigration is… the social cost of crime, drugs and human trafficking.

So, here’s a proposed solution: Eliminate illegal immigration. Completely. Illegal aliens are a drain on the economy.  Free up the money spent on them and on things associated with illegal immigration and use that to permanently solve the homelessness problem.  I’m sure even Cher would applaud that.



Our current situation is unsustainable. Unfortunately, certain people want to fundamentally transform our nation into a country where cheap labor is plentiful and the State dictates all things big and small. Elites and cheap labor.  No middle class. It’s a dirty little secret that you’re not supposed to know about… but, of course, now you know.


“I understand helping struggling immigrants, but my city (Los Angeles) isn’t taking care of its own. What about the 50,000+ citizens who live on the streets. Ppl who live below the poverty line & hungry? If my state can’t take care of Its own (many are vets), how can it take care of more?”  – Cher