The political landscape has become inundated with so-called issues of political correctness, and especially with a discussion of racism. Apparently, everybody is racist, including Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump.  They may be (or not), but how relevant is that in solving the nation’s problems? It’s just a major distraction as the dialogue takes on a life of its own. The following headline tells the whole story:

Headline: Warren: Trump Is Advancing Environmental Racism, Economic Racism, Health Care Racism

Civil rights activist Bob Woodson responded to Warren’s remarks by saying that Elizabeth Warren is preaching a false solution; racism is being used as a shield to avoid talking about the real problems in the Black community.

Comment: And those problems are not being addressed either in the Democratic debates or in Congress, are they?

Headline: AOC Is Playing The Race Card Because She Didn’t Get Her Way Says Senior Black Democrat After Firebrand Accuses Nancy Pelosi of Targeting Women of Color For Going After Her and Her ‘Squad’

Comment: According to Gregory Meeks of the Black Caucus, it’s actually AOC and the Justice Democrats who are targeting people of color (in the upcoming 2020 elections).

Headline: San Francisco Museum Airs Film Calling For White Genocide

Comment: How racist is that?