A wave of revolution has been sweeping the globe – from Libya to Egypt and from  Yemen to Syria. There have even been demonstrations in London and Tel Aviv.  Some are calling them uprisings of the common man, but what they really are is a series of insurrections instigated by the elite.  The protests for a change in government are most often accompanied by a call for social justice which is in reality a rallying cry for a redistribution of the wealth – otherwise known as Communism.  Not that the elites are actually serious about social justice, or any other kind of justice for that matter.  They simply want your vote and your support for global conflict.

You see, in a world where politicians say one thing and do another, money and greed rule the day.  These same politicians may have been elected by you, but they work for someone else.  How else can you explain the lack of action on this country’s economic woes?  Why isn’t there a movement in Congress to return this country to prosperity?  Why, for example, are businesses and individuals  forced into bankruptcy when their spending exceeds their revenue but the same doesn’t apply to government?  Could it be because government’s financial problems are eventually simply passed along to the taxpayers (in the form of inflation or higher taxes)?  Like I said, who is really working for who?

It’s instructive to look at people’s behavior in reaction to the country’s economic plight.  A man standing in line for Obama bucks was asked where the money he was receiving was coming from.  He replied that the government has plenty of money.  What he really meant to say, but of course didn’t know, is that taxpayers (you and me) would foot the bill.  Had he known, however, he would probably still have insisted on a handout.  It’s a classic example of redistribution of the wealth.

Of course, government’s ultimate solution will be to tax the wealthy.  However, that is merely a ruse to tax the middle class.  In the real world, the rich can always use loopholes to avoid taxes – loopholes that have been bought and paid for from our elected officials.  As always, therefore, the burden will fall on the middle class.  What we wind up with is a form of class warfare where one half, namely the middle class, has to support the other half (who pay no taxes).

So just exactly where does all the money go?  Well, first of all there’s our well-bribed public officials.  Then there’s public employees who, on average, earn 60% more than their counterparts in private industry.  Then, there is the 50% of the citizens who pay no income taxes and yet, for the most part, receive public assistance.  Of course, Wall Street executives rake in millions in bonuses even as the stock market declines.  But let’s not forget multi-national corporations who have moved jobs overseas and in the process avoided paying U.S. income taxes.  Finally, we have the federal government which doles out money (pork) indiscriminately without regard to how much money realistically is available.  Other than the middle class, everyone has their hands in the till, which is why this problem is so intractable and why there has been no rallying cry in Congress to improve the situation.

For example, why is there no movement towards a balanced budget?  After all, there was a surplus when Clinton was in office – only a short eleven years ago.  Why are we involved in wars and conflicts all over the world?  Didn’t Obama run on a platform of getting us out of Iraq?  Instead we have expanded to Afghanistan and Yemen and are considering actions against Syria and Iran.  As for Iraq, we’re still there and the combat troops are now called by other names or replaced by mercenaries (government contractors).  If we were leaving, why are we spending billions on new bases? The bottom line is this. How can these wars possibly be in our best interest when they are bankrupting the country?

As for solutions, Obama recently stated that we need to get America working again by creating jobs.  Well creating jobs in this case is a recipe for disaster because guess who has to pay for them.  By the way, if it was so easy to just create jobs, why haven’t they done it already?  In the final analysis, any real effort to improve the jobs situation and reduce unemployment has to include a realistic illegal immigration policy and tariffs on foreign-made products, both of which seem to be politically undesirable.

So there you have it – an unholy combination of backroom politics and a society hell-bent in pursuit of the almighty dollar.  If you want things to change for the better, you have to take some personal responsibility for the problem.  Don’t just expect the politicians to do anything except prescribe social justice as the panacea regardless of the issue.  In the words of Santa Claus, social justice for all and for all….  I guess Santa didn’t quite say it that way now did he?  Ho ho ho.