Historically, people migrated to the big cities looking for a job, for the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. These cities became magnets for minorities. Chicago was a magnet for the poor blacks migrating from the south and Los Angeles was a magnet for Hispanics. New York City was a melting pot, the United Nations of the world.

However, these cities no longer provide an environment where opportunity can flourish. Instead of personal freedoms, what we now have is fascism where the so-called anti-fascists are the true fascists. As Sean Ono Lennon said, “I’m unsure how this ‘fight racism with racism’ and ‘fight fascism with fascism’ strategy is supposed to succeed in anything but destruction and chaos.”

The Dream doesn’t exist anymore. It was extinguished in the flames that engulfed Minneapolis, Portland and then Kenosha. It expired as local government officials stood by idly and watched it die. Perhaps, we could live with fascism as long as it somewhat preserved the Dream. After all, we had a family to raise, bills to be paid and, hopefully one day, a house that we might own.

However, when the government began to tell us how to live our lives, people starting leaving. As a result, we have now entered into a period of reverse migration. There is an election coming up on Nov 4th. Those that have left Dodge have already voted. They voted with their feet. They reject the ideology of the far-left.  It’s not the America that they once knew; that’s for sure.

However, the politicians don’t care about the misery. They only care about control. The cities affected by the riots can only spiral down from here into the abyss, a cesspool of violence, drug addiction and homelessness. Businesses are leaving too because these cities refuse to provide even a minimum level of support and protection for the business community. So, they leave or go out of business, with the resulting loss of those jobs. This is what civil war looks like. This is the new normal.



Based on data from United Van Lines moves, as compiled by Bloomberg, the exodus from Blue States like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois has begun (with California not far behind). These states all have financial problems that they are trying to solve by raising taxes, rather than reducing spending… which is a typical socialist response to this kind of problem.

For those that got out of Dodge, eight out of the ten top places they moved to were Red States. For those that stayed, however, they will have to share an even bigger burden to make up for those who left. Accordingly, the law of diminishing returns will render this problematic.


“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher