The election of 1860 was one of the most important elections in the history of the country.  Lincoln was elected and freed the slaves, resulting in The Civil War. One hundred and sixty years later the country is faced with another such pivotal election.

Today, the country is also embroiled in a civil war, albeit an asymmetrical one. This battle is all about ideology.  There are two opposing visions for America. One vision is for the continuation of the ideals embodied by the framers of the Constitution versus an opposing vision which calls for a fundamental transformation of the country into a socialist state.  So, the question being asked is should we continue on as a Republic or should the power to govern be vested in the State?

Here’s a couple of things to consider:

Do you favor citizens having inalienable rights as outlined in the Constitution or should all rights come from the State?

Our history, our tradition and our cultural values support the idea of individual rights. The two rights that have come under increasing attack from the left are free speech (the First Amendment) and the right to bear arms (the Second Amendment). If rights come from the State, the Constitution will eventually be thrown into the dustbin of history. Remember, the right to be free and the right of religious freedom only exist because of the Constitution.

Should we have private ownership of property, natural resources and the means of production or should the control be vested in the State?

For example, do we want at least some form of free markets for products, services and employment or do we want the State to make all these choices for us.  In that case, they would decide how much tomatoes would cost and how much a truck driver would be paid.



The backdrop to this election is the global battle between nationalism and globalism, between the common man and the international ruling elite. Under globalism, economic decisions are made by major corporations in concert with international institutions like The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations.  Under globalism, our jobs were eliminated (and sent to China). Thus, China became a world power and America has gone downhill ever since, with the U.S. dollar and the country on the very brink of extinction. Socialism would be the coup de grace.


“The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself, or be ruled by a small elite.” – Thomas Jefferson




Historically, people migrated to the big cities looking for a job, for the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. These cities became magnets for minorities. Chicago was a magnet for the poor blacks migrating from the south and Los Angeles was a magnet for Hispanics. New York City was a melting pot, the United Nations of the world.

However, these cities no longer provide an environment where opportunity can flourish. Instead of personal freedoms, what we now have is fascism where the so-called anti-fascists are the true fascists. As Sean Ono Lennon said, “I’m unsure how this ‘fight racism with racism’ and ‘fight fascism with fascism’ strategy is supposed to succeed in anything but destruction and chaos.”

The Dream doesn’t exist anymore. It was extinguished in the flames that engulfed Minneapolis, Portland and then Kenosha. It expired as local government officials stood by idly and watched it die. Perhaps, we could live with fascism as long as it somewhat preserved the Dream. After all, we had a family to raise, bills to be paid and, hopefully one day, a house that we might own.

However, when the government began to tell us how to live our lives, people starting leaving. As a result, we have now entered into a period of reverse migration. There is an election coming up on Nov 4th. Those that have left Dodge have already voted. They voted with their feet. They reject the ideology of the far-left.  It’s not the America that they once knew; that’s for sure.

However, the politicians don’t care about the misery. They only care about control. The cities affected by the riots can only spiral down from here into the abyss, a cesspool of violence, drug addiction and homelessness. Businesses are leaving too because these cities refuse to provide even a minimum level of support and protection for the business community. So, they leave or go out of business, with the resulting loss of those jobs. This is what civil war looks like. This is the new normal.



Based on data from United Van Lines moves, as compiled by Bloomberg, the exodus from Blue States like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois has begun (with California not far behind). These states all have financial problems that they are trying to solve by raising taxes, rather than reducing spending… which is a typical socialist response to this kind of problem.

For those that got out of Dodge, eight out of the ten top places they moved to were Red States. For those that stayed, however, they will have to share an even bigger burden to make up for those who left. Accordingly, the law of diminishing returns will render this problematic.


“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher












Politics has many facets to it, with most of them being created in the shadows and the back rooms. The average person is oblivious as to how and why things happen. What’s reported in the media is strictly smoke and mirrors in order to keep the sheeple asleep.

Most people are so concerned with the coronavirus pandemic that they hardly are even aware of current events.  A large number (16 million) are now faced with trying to pay the next rent bill because they are unemployed. Here in California, it’s a literal disaster as many have not gotten their first check even though they filed as early as March. So, it’s easy to see why people are not exactly focused on politics.

Every election cycle is different with the mood of the nation often determining who gets elected. One of the more interesting trends in this election year is the large number of disaffected voters.  Usually, the political parties are trying their best to promise everything to everybody.  Remember, “Read my lips. No new taxes.”

As the Democratic Party has turned hard left, a number of voter blocs have literally been left in the dust and you have to wonder why.  Since presidential elections have been generally close in recent years, how can you take for granted large blocks of your core constituency and still win? Here’s the breakdown:


Ethnic groups

The party’s soft approach to crime and violence, coupled with an open border immigration policy that will undercut Black and Hispanic employment, is not exactly a recipe for success. These are key issues in the Hispanic and Black communities. Even Jewish people have been slighted by the lack of a response to Anti-Semitism, especially by members of Congress.


Labor unions and the police

Beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt, working class Americans have primarily voted Democratic giving them control of the House of  Representatives from 1931 to 1995. Labor unions, especially blue collar workers, used to be the backbone the party. Yes, the Teachers’ Union, government workers’ unions, the auto workers and postal workers are still on board but some unions are defecting. You can’t just ship jobs overseas and expect that you won’t have defections. Then, there’s the Democratic Party’s anti-police stance.  As a result, the NY Police Union has flipped to Trump. The men-in-blue vote is no longer a given for the party.


Democrat Party moderates

Because of the move in the party’s platform towards socialism, moderates in the party have been left in the lurch. As a result, the #WalkAway movement was born. The Blue Dogs are no more.


There are a couple of other noteworthy groups that need to be mentioned here. There’s the people who live in the areas where the violence and anarchy has been a major problem. Seattle comes immediately to mind. Some of the liberals in Seattle are not going to vote Democratic on November 4th. They watched their cities go up in flames and were aghast that government officials didn’t try to protect them.  Then, there’s the abortion issue. One hundred current and former Democratic elected officials of the group Democrats For Life of America wrote a letter to the party’s platform committee saying that the party’s position on abortion is out of step with the voters, and you probably thought that only Republicans were pro-life.

As they say, politics makes strange bedfellows. Well, it seems that everyone is sleeping with the anarchists these days.  So, when Ayanna Pressley calls for more social unrest, it begs the question who else is in her corner. I guess we’ll find out on November 4th.


“You know there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives.”

– Ayanna Pressley










Socialism is much in the news these days. Many of our elected officials are endorsing socialistic ideas such as the Green New Deal. However, socialism runs counter to the ideals of the American Revolution and the culture that ensued for well over 200 years. So, why now?

America can be defined as the “people’s government” as can be seen in the Preamble to the United States Constitution which starts with the words “We the People.” Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address, elaborated on that concept with the phrase “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” So, the American way is one of self-government, with the government being merely an extension of the people.

In socialism, ultimate power vests in the State, and an amorphous State at that. They tell the citizens what rights they can and cannot have. Whereas, the Constitution grants citizens “inalienable rights” which cannot be taken away by the government. Without the Constitution, there would be no protection for minority rights.

One of the appeals of socialism is that it appears that everything is free. I said “appears.” The proponents of the Green New Deal when asked how they were going to pay for the trillions of dollars that would be required to fund their programs said that the government should just print more money. Well, they obviously don’t understand basic economic reality or they think that the public is stupid enough to believe them, take your choice. Printing money is not nearly the same as paying for it. That is, the only money that the government has to pay its bills comes from the tax revenues that it collects.

Now, the why. Changes in political systems are rarely, if ever, about the political system itself.  So, socialism is just an excuse to change our form of government. It’s all about power. As James Carville, a top Democratic Party political strategist, said, “What we need is power! Do you understand? …But look, if no one’s persuadable, then let’s just have the revolution.” Is it possible that Carville views himself as the Che Guevara of the New American Revolution?


“I’m seeing what socialism’s like. It’s not only not free. It doesn’t freakin’ work.” – Chris Matthews, former MSNBC news commentator









The underlying cause of the recent riots can be traced primarily to three groups: young people, the media and local inner-city governments.  What connects these three groups together is socialism.

If you want to know what socialism looks like, just watch the riots.The young people riot, the media endorse the riots, and the violence that comes with them, and the city governments just stand back and watch their cities burn.

For some, riots is one of the preferred ways to bring about social change.  One such person is Hawk Newsome. In a television interview, Newsome, president of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, made some rather interesting remarks about the riots.  You’ll probably love or hate what he had to say:

  • Newsome compared modern-day protests to The Boston Tea Party, saying: “The white supremacists who built this country never earned anything peacefully. They did it through bullets and blood.  And that’s the American way.” Comment: In other words, the riots are revolutionary acts. Problem is, I don’t think that a majority of people in this country are ready for revolution, especially when they feel that it’s okay to use the National Guard to quell riots. If you really mean what you say, you’d go burn down the headquarters of Google or Apple (the greedy, white supremacist capitalists) instead of lighting up your own black communities.
  • Newsome brought up the federal Fugitive Slave Acts of 1793 and 1850, which allowed for the capture and return of enslaved people. Comment: I guess he simply forgot to mention the Emancipation Proclamation of 1862.  Lest we all forget, the slavery issue resulted in the Civil War where some 620,000 to 850,000 soldiers died to free the slaves. For me, that’s the American way.

Although protests about racism are presumably about social justice, there’s a lot more to it than that. For example, racism is being used by politicians as a shield to avoid talking about the serious problems in the Black community – problems like crime, drug addiction and high unemployment. The inner cities all over America are festering and rotting. The local city governments are doing next to nothing to solve the problems. Check out Detroit or Baltimore to see what it really looks like. Or Chicago – Chicago is the murder capital of the world. On the weekend of the George Floyd shooting, 50 people were shot in Chicago, most of which were black-on-black crimes. However, nobody is protesting for those victims and the media ignores the story.

ZeroHedge reported on the Chicago shootings – link (

The inner cities are virtually all run by socialist-style city governments. Riots are simply a means to a political end, a tool to divide and conquer. If you want to know what comes next, pay attention to the growing movement to abolish the police. It’s right out of the Marxist playbook of Rules For Radicals, courtesy of Saul Alinsky.


“If you and your community have been brought up with a respect for law enforcement, if you have come to see police as friends or even friends of the family, that doesn’t serve our Marxist, revolutionary purpose…Our goal right now is to abolish police. It’s to completely reimagine our social order.” – Marc Lamont Hill, CNN political contributor



Who Said It?


Politics is pretty had to figure out some days. Actually, any day. Politicians sure do say the strangest things. For example:

Who said that the Left of today has become part of the elite who has lost contact with the working class it was supposed to represent… they have abandoned working class people in favor of becoming obsessed with mass migration, Greta Thunberg and LGBT issues?

It was actually said by a former member of the Swedish Communist Party, but it applies equally as well to the U.S.


Who said that ” I have my own views of the word socialist… I remember the Cold War. I have an attitude towards Castro, and I believe if Castro and the Reds had won the Cold War, there would have been executions in Central Park and I might’ve been one of the ones executed and certain other people would be there cheering.”

Believe it or not it was Chris Matthews of MSNBC.


Who said, “In the future, we ought to pick our presidents in a way that makes sure that the one who got the most votes actually gets to be president… I think it’s the right thing to do.”

It was Pete Buttigieg, who just won the Iowa caucus without winning the popular vote in Iowa.


Who said, “Maybe I’m f***ing deluding myself.” 

 It was John Kerry, commenting as to whether he should enter the 2020 presidential race. Then, again, aren’t all politicians deluding themselves?

Who first said, “He’s a legend in his own mind.”

I have no idea, but they must have been talking about a politician, right?

“I have nothing against the most famous people in the world using their privileged, global platform to tell the world what they believe. I even agree with most of it. I just tried to warn them that when they lecture everyday, hard working people, it has the opposite effect.” – Ricky Gervais

America was created out of a revolution, circa 1776.  Nearly 250 years later, there are two revolutions ongoing in the country. There is the civil war between the Democrats and the Republicans and there is also the ongoing battle for control of the Democratic Party, itself.  The politicians used to pretend that the fighting wasn’t really taking place.  Instead, both sides considered themselves patriots and cloaked themselves in the Constitution and talked about the founding fathers, as if they agreed with either. 

The latest developments show that the fight has moved to what I would call Stage 2.  That is, the battle has spilled out into the public rhetoric.  Case-in-point:

Chris Matthews of MSNBC commented on the Bernie Sanders campaign saying, “I’m seeing what socialism’s like. It’s not only not free. It doesn’t freakin’ work!” An article in ZeroHedge referred to Matthews comments as a warning of a socialist Sanders dictatorship.  This on the heels of a Sanders’ campaign staffer saying that “Trump supporters will need to be reeducated in literal gulags, similar to what Germany did to ‘Nazified’ Germans after World War II.”  So, the war between the Democratic Establishment and the breakaway socialist movement within the party is very real.

I was watching Bill Maher’s last show, as I regularly do.  He had Republican advisor Steve Bannon on for a little tete-de-tete. They both agreed that Bernie is being shafted by the Democratic Establishment. Bannon said that he likes Bernie somewhat because he’s a populist while Maher hates Sanders.  It’s incongruous that a conservative would have nicer things to say about Sanders than a Democrat, but, then, that’s the current state of affairs in Beltway politics.

“What we need is power! Do you understand? …But look, if no one’s persuadable, then let’s just have the revolution.” – James Carville, Democratic strategist

The $64,000 question is this: Exactly what would socialism look like in this country if it were implemented?  Today’s news headlines tell the story.

1. Healthcare for all, including illegals

Headline – Elizabeth Warren Confirms Her Medicare For All Plan Will Cover Illegals

Headline – Moody’s Economist Who Backed Warren “Medicare For All Plan” Now Doubts She Can Pay For It

Headline – Fact Check: Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare For All Plan Raises Taxes On Middle Class

Comment:  That’s because taxing the rich is not quite all it’s cracked up to be as an article in The Hill pointed out, “The philosophy of envy and siphoning from the rich appeals to a large segment of the population that does not realize that the definition of ‘rich’ is a spiral of devolution that eventually will reach every business and every individual who works for a living.” 


2. No free speech. 

Joy Behar during a recent interview of Donald Trump Jr. on The View got tired of the audience applauding for Trump and yelled at her audience, “This isn’t a MAGA rally.”

Comment: This is how you silence any detractors.


3. Open borders 

Headline: Pelosi-Schiff Democrats Block All Funding For U S Border Wall – Pass Funding For Border Security In Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Assad’s Syria

Comment:  Democratic presidential contender Tulsi Gabbrd got it right when she said, “We Do Not Have a Nation If We Have No Borders.”


4. No Second Amendment

Headline – Joy Behar To Dems: Don’t Tell Voters Ahead of Time Before Seizing Their Guns


5. No freedom of the press and no free elections

Headline – ABC News Shelved Story On Bill Clinton and Epstein Three Years Ago During 2016 Election To Help Hillary Clinton


6. No economic prosperity

Headline – Liz Warren Is Now Pushing a Plan That Will Eliminate Two Million American Jobs

Comment: Goodbye America, hello Venezuela.


7. Illegals would have more rights than citizens

Headline – Bernie Sanders Promises Immediate Legal Status and Free Healthcare and College To Illegals


8. No Constitution, no religious freedom.

Headline – Democrat Mouthpiece and Squad Leader Rashida Tlaib: We Need A Political Revolution to Completely Transform America

Comment: When she says a revolution is needed to completely transform America, she means it.  Sharia Law will surely follow.



“As Waleed Shahid, a former aide to AOC, put it,  ‘You run an insurgent anti-establishment campaign to get into office to become the establishment.’  So, the objective is to become the establishment, displacing everything and everyone in the process. Here’s the strategy: attack the status quo, create division, appeal to the have-nots and use wealth transfers as a way to create ‘social justice.’ You create the problem, then you propose the solution…and, then, you take over, or as Waleed Shahid said you become the establishment.  It’s right out of the playbook of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.”  The Ethical Warrior, A Primer On The Green New Deal


“But this is the f—ing American Dream she is s—ing on.” – Leon Cooperman, referring to Elizabeth Warren

Every day it seems the far-left keeps digging their political grave a little deeper.  Today’s headlines tell the story:

Headline – Fact Check: Warren’s Medicare For All Plan Raises Taxes On Middle Class

Comment – Was there ever a doubt? Almost by definition, the Middle Class pays for everything and she thought that she could get people to believe otherwise.

Headline – Liz Warren Now Pushing A Plan That Will Eliminate Two Million Jobs

Comment – So, exactly who is going to be paying the taxes for welfare/unemployment on those two million people who will be out of work?

Headline – Omar Comes Under Scrutiny For Her “Present” Vote On Armenian Genocide

Comment – Omar’s problems just keep compounding. In this case, it’s because she’s taking money from Turkey. It doesn’t help that Omar is a Muslim and Turkey is a Muslim country.

Headline – Bernie Sanders Claims That His Ideas Are Not Far Left

Comment – Say what! They don’t make them any further left than Bernie. Besides once a communist, always a communist.


Humor of the day

Headline – “Saturday Night Live” Mocks Elizabeth Warren’s $52 Trillion Medicare For All Plan

Comment – Except, $52 trillion is no laughing matter.

AOC Got Henged



I love making up words and I bet you’re wondering what “Henged” means? Perhaps, a typo.  But no, “Henged” stands for Elizabeth Heng, an American-Cambodian woman.

Heng is all the things (except one) that AOC admires.  She’s a minority (Asian), a woman of color, she’s young (34), she’s a political activist and she’s an immigrant. Here’s AOC’s problem, though.  Heng is a conservative who believes in free speech. Yeah, that’s a big problem.

Because Heng is a political activist and isn’t afraid of being politically incorrect, she gets called many names. AOC has called her a racist but, of course, playing the race card anymore is usually what a person does when they have nothing to say.  As Heng put it, “The only people inciting violence are the radical left, who can’t defend their ideas with facts, so they resort to horrible personal attacks, and as we’ve seen, even death threats…I put out an ad challenging AOC’s socialist views, and she came back and called me a bunch of names. That should tell you everything you really need to know about the face of socialism, right now, in our country.” Now, that’s what I call getting “Henged.” 

There’s a growing group of women of color who are becoming political activists in this country, none of whom AOC would consider for inclusion in The Squad. Here’s a short list:

Candace Owens, a Black activist who founded Blexit (the Black exit movement from the Democratic Party)

Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic member of the House; a Samoan from Hawaii who is currently running for President in 2020.

Rachel Campos-Duffy, a Hispanic housewife from Wisconsin who is a voice for the Hispanic community and its position on immigration.  She has said that, “The desperate people of Central America who come to our border are not actually refugees. They are economic migrants. They are lining up to come to our country because of our free enterprise system…They come here for capitalism. They are fleeing socialism.”

…and, of course, Elizabeth Heng.