The Magic Moon



Of all the things that you’ve believed about the moon or urban legends about the moon, I bet you never heard that the moon could just get up and change its position in the sky. Presto. Just like that.

Well, something very close to that has been very quietly announced by a group of Russian scientists. It appears that they caught NASA completely off guard.  You see, they told the truth about something that science has lied about for hundreds of years.

Science has always said that the moon is a long ways away, way out in outer space. Turns out that they were mistaken.  The “consensus” got it wrong again.  Supposedly, an enterprising Russian scientist stumbled across old work done by the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory).  Twenty years old, just sitting around collecting dust.  I said supposedly.  Turns out that the moon is not in outer space at all. The moon is actually within earth’s atmosphere!

The most unbelievable part of this story is that the media is totally ignoring it. A landmark discovery like this should be front page news and should be on the cover of Time Magazine.  Of course, it’s not. Here’s why.

Science and NASA have always fumbled over themselves trying to explain rather mundane stuff about the moon. For example, they have said that the Van Allen Belt is a major impediment to space travel. In that regard, NASA has stated publicly that they conquered the Van Allen Belt problem on their trips to the moon (see link –

However, now, it turns out that the moon is within earth’s atmosphere and so the Van Allen Belt could had never been a problem at all.  So, they obviously lied. The upshot of this disclosure is that it makes the Van Allen Belt controversy go away.  Just poof! This poof moment concerns the moon so I refer to it as moon magic.

The other problem that this disclosure solves is the admission that a NASA astronaut recently made that man has never been outside of earth’s orbit (see link – This is at odds with the history of man having supposedly gone to the moon on many occasions.  Well, this disclosure solves that problem because the moon is now considered to be within earth’s atmosphere. The moon just magically moved inside of earth’s atmosphere.  Holy science, Batman! It’s moon magic.

So, when you tell enough lies, at some point you will trip yourself up which then forces you to tell the truth.  Well, a little piece of the truth at least. Obviously, there will eventually have to be more disclosures because once there is a public discussion about this current disclosure it will only take us further down the rabbit hole – straight to NASA In Wonderland and the Magic Moon.



Dr. Robin Brett, a NASA scientist told the truth about the moon saying, “It seems much easier to explain the nonexistence of the moon than its existence.” That’s because the moon is actually a hologram. Want to prove it? Well, it’s impossible for a full moon to be fully illuminated when it is in the eastern sky.  Check it out sometime.  The moon is artificially lit. Artificial you understand. A hologram without a doubt.

Moon magic is simply a way to describe the fact that the moon is not real, at least not in the way that we have been led to believe. So, with a little bit of moon magic, it’s easy to reposition the moon from outer space to within the earth’s atmosphere.








When I was a kid, we used to watch Superman on the TV. In Superman’s world, people couldn’t believe their eyes when they looked up in the sky and saw him.  It just wasn’t possible, they would say.

Today, as an adult, I look up in the sky and I also see something that is impossible – the moon. That is, I look up in the daytime sky and I see both the sun and the moon at the same time. The impossible part is that when the moon and the sun are directly across from one another (e.g. if the sun is in the east and the moon is the west), you don’t see a fully illuminated moon.  Sometimes, it’s only partially lit.

Science has always explained the moonlight by saying that the moon reflects the sunlight.  Even if that were true, which it’s not, the reflective part of the moon would by necessity indicate the direction of the sunlight and, therefore, the direction of the sun.  Accordingly, if the moon and the sun are directly across from each other during the day, you must always be able to see a fully illuminated moon. By necessity, you understand.

This same logic somewhat applies at night as well.  For example, if the sun has recently set (say two hours after sunset), the night sky is pitch black.  There is no sunlight whatsoever.  If the earth was a globe you would explain that by saying that the sun has disappeared over the horizon in the west.

However, if the cycle of the moon was such that it was low in the eastern sky two hours after sunset (and for that matter the rest of the night), then there would be no line of sight between the moon and the sun and no sunlight would be reaching the moon. By definition, the moon would have to be in a new moon phase.  That is, you couldn’t see it because there would be no sunlight reflecting off of it.

Funny thing, though, because when I look up in the sky under those circumstances, I do see a moon. Sometimes, the moon is full even though the sun is obviously not directly across from it in the sky.  Even worse, sometimes the moon is partially lit. Why even worse? Well, the side of the moon that is illuminated is pointing away from the sun. By definition, that’s impossible, you understand.

All this flies in the face of accepted scientific theory and almost any science book will parrot the same discourse.  I said scientific theory you understand. The problem is that one does not have to be a scientist to look up in the sky and see the sun and the moon as I described, and if you really think about it you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that they, therefore, have been lying to you. It’s a dirty little secret that you’re not supposed to know about…but, of course, now you know.


“Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”   – Michael Ellner