An interesting video on YouTube is about the mysteries of the universe – see link below.  Here’s their top ten list of mysteries:

  • What exactly is gravity?
  • Is the universe infinite?
  • Why does The Double-Slit Experiment work?
  • Will the universe someday cease to exist?
  • What set off The Big Bang?
  • How does spooky action (quantum entanglement) work?
  • Are there more than the three dimensions in our universe?
  • Is time travel possible?
  • Will the universe become invisible?
  • Could other universes exist?

The problem with science speculating on such subjects is that pure science is based on observation and measurement. The questions above are mostly theoretical in nature and while interesting to discuss are beyond the scope of science because they relate to matters which cannot be observed or measured.  Not now and not ever.

As a result, what passes for science today is theories, in essence formulae written on a chalkboard probably by some theoretical physicist.  Those theories are confined to existing scientific thinking on the subject. While the theories will no doubt evolve over time, they will continue to be nothing more than theories.

However, since I do not have a scientific background it is much easier for me to think outside the box, so to speak. So, here’s my ideas on some of these questions.

  • We obviously don’t know if the universe is infinite. The better question, however, is what is the universe?  Does it exist at all or is it just an illusion?
  • Why does the Double-Slit experiment work? Well, why not? Obviously, we have a problem with this because we don’t understand the laws of the universe. So, again, we’re asking the wrong question.
  • Will the universe cease to exist? Well, I suppose that depends on how you define the universe and how you define life. After all, Einstein said that energy can not be either created or destroyed. If you can’t destroy energy, then the universe could possibly cease to exist in its present form, but the energy would still be there.  The energy would not cease to exist. However, Einstein’s statement that energy cannot be created is incomplete, at best.  Creation (of energy) happens all the time in ways that we can’t understand. For example, the great void of space is not a void at all.
  • Is time travel possible. Of course, why not? Keep in mind, though, that time is an illusion so it’s not so much that you would travel through time but that you would create a timeline that you would be an observer in. This would not be unlike how you would edit a movie.

From some of the other questions, one can infer that scientists realize that things exist beyond, or outside of, our universe.  Of course, the answer is that life does exist outside of our observable universe.  Seeing as how our field of observation is so limited, however, it is problematic as to how we will ever observe the things that are necessary to answer those questions.

It is not an accident that we are so limited.  Someone, or something, is denying us access to a complete picture of creation.  Without that complete picture, our laws of the universe are, relatively speaking, meaningless. In any event, scientists will no doubt endeavor to try to answer the unanswerable without even addressing the big picture. This is painfully obvious in Dr. Michael Turner’s comment on the Big Bang: “If inflation is the dynamite behind the Big Bang, we’re still looking for the match.” Problem is: they should be looking for the matchmaker.  Only then, would the laws of the universe make any sense.

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“The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe.” – Albert Einstein












Time is speeding up…at least everyone says so. More to the point, we are speeding up as we accelerate through time. Time is simply a construct, as Einstein so aptly put it.

Everything is energy, as I’ve mentioned before. Earth has an electromagnetic field, with lightning, earthquakes and volcanoes all being part of that field. The frequency at which this field vibrates, historically 7.83Hz, is called the Schumann Resonance. This, then, is the heartbeat of the planet.

The planet Earth is about to transit from Pisces to Aquarius, which marks the end of a long evolutionary cycle. This cycle is talked about extensively in the ancient Mayan and Hindu texts. In many religions, this transit is referred to as the End Times. The human species is here to awaken and this is being accomplished through changes in the Schumann Resonance.

Interestingly enough, the Schumann Resonance has recently spiked to over 30Hz. The world seems to be literally spinning out of control. People are becoming irrational, with some of their actions bordering on the insane.  Hang on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.