Politicians (and the MSM) rarely inform the public of much of anything. Rather, their public pronouncements (and news programming) are intended to misinform. You can usually assume that there is an agenda behind everything that they say and do, an agenda which if you knew you would likely vote them out of office. Today’s headlines tell the story:


Headline: Black Leaders Say Endorsing Elizabeth Warren Has Prompted Racist Attacks From Sanders’ Supporters

Comment: Ho-hum. Another day, another racist.

Headline: Far-Left MSNBC Conspiracy Theorist Joy Reid Says White Christian Men Want Apartheid in America

Comment: It takes one to know one, a racist that is. And that’s why MSNBC’s ratings are in the tank.

Headline: Rosario Dawson: ICE Raids Part of Larger White Nationalism Narrative

Comment: And what do we call the ICE raids under Obama – Black Domestic Terrorism?

Headline #1: Yang: Climate Change May Require Elimination of Car Ownership

Headline #2: Andrew Yang’s Climate Change Plan Includes Taxing Cow Farts

Comment: Taxing cow farts? And that’s why Yang will never be President.

Headline: Julian Castro Campaign Manager: Opposition to Illegal Immigration is Racism

Comment, Last I checked, illegal immigration was…well, illegal. So, I guess that means that opposing crime is now racist. And that’s why Castro will never be President.

Headline: CNN’s Savidge Goes To Democratic Stronghold In Minnesota Finds Everyone Is Voting For Trump

Comment: The reason, according to Savidge, is that “Democrats and their socialist promises scare the hell out of Middle America.”


Opinion piece:

In an interview on CNBC, hedge fund legend Leon Cooperman gave the financial markets’ perspective on the 2020 election. Cooperman criticized Warren’s policies saying: “Her policies are counter-productive…you don’t make the poor people rich by making the rich people poor.”

Comment: And you don’t make the country rich by guaranteeing a livelihood to every single person. Contrary to what some politicians believe, we don’t all have a right to free medical care, free education and either a job or a guaranteed income (if we don’t want to work). Someone has to pay for the largess and the government doesn’t have the authority to institute these policies unless the citizens say so. In the real world, the country will become rich only when everyone contributes and is not a drag on the financial health of the nation.


Humor of the day:

Headline: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Falsely Claims D.C. Was the First the First U.S. Territory To Abolish Slavery

Comment: AOC’s Justice Democrats are trying to supplant Black congresspersons with their own people in the 2020 elections. Yet, here she is supposedly championing a Black cause…and can’t even get her facts straight at that.


Candace Owens, a young Black activist, testified at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on Hate Crimes and White Nationalism.  What she said will, no doubt, jolt some people’s sensibilities. Then again, though, most people are not sensible. 

The problem is that politicians pander to the Black vote, but they do not want to really deal with the serious issues that are confronting Black people in America.  The problem is that, as a nation, we have done little to alleviate the plight of the Black communities, problems like crime, drugs, violence and deteriorating neighborhoods.  That’s why, today, cities like Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore, just to name a few, have become cesspools and there is very little being done to correct the problem.

Yes, racism is something that Blacks have to deal with in their daily lives. Yet, they are far more concerned with their ability to provide for their families. So, things like jobs, safe neighborhoods and education rank high on the list of what they want.

Blacks are tired of being taken for granted (politically). So, for many, Candace Owens has become the face of Black discontentment. The opinions she expresses are her own but are shared by many people in the Black community.  Here’s how she testified at the hearing:

“You know that white supremacy and white nationalism rank no where near the top of the issues that is facing Black America… It is an attempt to make the election all about race…The things that are actually harming Black America – #1 father absence #2 the education system and the illiteracy rate… White supremacy and white nationalism, if I had to make a list again of 100 things, would not be on it. This hearing, in my opinion, is a farce.  And it’s ironic that you’re sitting here and having three Caucasian people testify and tell you what their expertise is. You want to know what my expertise are – Black and American.”

It was your hearing Jerry. Did any of that sink in with you?