The Pelosi Trainwreck


Nancy Pelosi may be presiding over the destruction of the Democratic Party.  There’s a long list of former core constituents who have been jettisoned by the DNC. No more liberals of the Bernie Sanders ilk.  Not to worry, though, since the nomination was stolen from Bernie many of his supporters were leaving the party anyway (#walkaway). No more unions, since the Dems previously sent those jobs overseas, particularly to China.  Now, with the fight over the border wall, the Dems will be losing Hispanic votes too since illegal immigration threatens Hispanics more than any other single demographic.

But wait, it gets worse. There is an internal revolt within the party which will result in a three-ring circus with respect to the 2020 Democratic Party nomination.  Many people will run and yet so few have any real prospects of winning.  They will literally eat each other up. It will be Pelosi’s job to keep the party from imploding as the various factions fight for power and in the process wreck the party’s chances for winning the presidential nod.

First, there are the far-left progressives with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the limelight, even though see can’t run herself. The progressives are backed by all the people who don’t work and want the government to support them.  There’s actually a lot of those what with half of all families with children receiving some sort of government assistance and they will certainly be a force to be reckoned with. Then, we have Tulsi Gabbard.  What a thorn she’s going to be.  Previously a Bernie Sanders supporter, Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran, is surprise… an anti-war candidate.  With the rest of the Democratic Party pretty much against the pullout of troops from Syria and Afghanistan, Gabbard will force the other candidates to justify their position of endless wars abroad. Believe me, Trump will be listening and profit by that dialogue.

And poor Nancy Pelosi.  She will be told to steer the party to a candidate that supports wars, which most certainly will not be Tulsi Gabbard. She will be left out ala Bernie Sanders.  As for foreign policy, the candidate will have to be on the Russia boogie man train.  That’s because so many inside The Beltway have sold out to the Chinese who are, in reality, the real threat to the country.  Meanwhile, Nancy just can’t help herself what with her confusion over the immorality of building a wall that she has previously been in favor of to leaving town on junkets during the government shutdown.  Congress is even talking about passing legislation (The Pelosi Rule it’s being called) to keep lawmakers in D.C. during any future government shutdown.

In the end, Nancy will be trying to manage the fringe lunatics on the far left who are against free speech and prefer communism to capitalism and the Deep State, including corporate titans such as Google, Amazon and Facebook as well as the military industrial complex.  Sounds like a trainwreck waiting to happen, if you ask me.


“When people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic”.   – Benjamin Franklin



5 Responses to “The Pelosi Trainwreck”

  1. Lander7 said

    You stated — “The progressives are backed by all the people who don’t work and want the government to support them. ”

    My question — Does this mean that all Republicans have jobs and don’t use food stamps?

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