Finally, someone on the left has spoken out on the lunacy around the support for Joe Biden re. the sexual assault allegations from former Senate aide Tara Reade.  You’ll never guess who.  It’s none other than Sarah Silverman.  Apparently, #MeToo is alive and well, with at least Silverman, as nobody else on the left is willing to stand up to Biden (and the establishment); not Nancy Pelosi, not Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, not Kamala Harris and not Elizabeth Warren.

Of course, the latest to publicly endorse Joe Biden for president was Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.  In her endorsement of Biden, Gillibrand said that …” they have done an investigation in several outlets.” Wow. There are so many things wrong with that statement.  First, she didn’t say that the investigations absolved Biden (although she made it sound as if they did).  Good thing too because the New York Times specifically denied that their article came to a conclusion about the charges.  Secondly, since when is guilt or innocence based on what the media reports?

So, the Democratic Party has circled the wagons in support of Joe Biden despite the hypocrisy of it all. It’s irrelevant, though, in as much as Biden was never going to be the party’s presidential nominee anyway (as I’ve predicted in the past). Now, even The Hill seems to agree with me (

This is really all about image.  The Democratic Party doesn’t want Biden to have to drop out due to a scandal.  They simply wanted to flip Biden at the convention for Hillary.  Of course, by supporting Biden in lockstep they have probably only managed to make things worse. I’d really like to know exactly who is running this ship (into the ground)?


“Failed 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), who has long fancied herself as a champion of women’s rights, is another one who can be added to the list of VP hopefuls who have thrown #BelieveAllWomen under the bus.” – Sister Toldjah




The Michigan House of Representatives today voted to end the State of Emergency due to the coronavirus in Michigan.  Instead, they are suing Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan.  Both the House and the governor claim that they have the power to declare a state of emergency over the coronavirus crisis. Welcome to the new Civil War.

“If it wasn’t ever necessary to lockdown our nation, why aren’t we just reopening ASAP? You may not like the answer that I’m about to give you but here it is.  Reopening is strictly a political issue, it’s not really about your health. The states that will resist reopening the longest will be states with socialist governments (states like California, Illinois, Michigan, New York and Virginia).” – TheEthicalWarrior, “The WHO Recants But The States Turn A Deaf Ear”

Following is an excerpt from an article entitled “This Is How America Will Reopen” by Kira Davis on Red State. Davis is refreshing in that she kind of tells it like it is:

“Well, I can tell you exactly how America will reopen.

America will reopen when people show up at the beach anyway.

America will reopen when small businesses have been pushed to the point where they have to decide if feeding their families is worth risking arrest.

America will reopen when your neighbor goes ahead with that small birthday party they were planning.

America will reopen when you start meeting in the park for play dates.

America will reopen when performers start playing in the streets for tips.

America will reopen when nail salons start figuring out how to quietly and safely serve desperate housewives and barbershops start figuring out how to quietly and safely serve hairy husbands.

America will reopen when block parties start and Sunday visits to grandma and cocktail dates with your best friend on the front porch or in their kitchen.

America will reopen when the teenagers decide there’s no way they’re living one more day without their friends.

America will reopen when Americans who are ready feel safe to mix and mingle and protect each other where possible and appropriate.

I’m not telling you to be reckless. I’m telling you I trust Americans to be safe because no one loves your family more than you do.

The point is – America’s reopening will not be an act of ‘permission’ from the ruling class. It will be like everything else important in this nation’s history – from the American Revolution to suffrage to the Civil Rights Era. It will be an act of will by the American people themselves. It will be resisted by the elitists in charge and we’ll do it anyway. It will be scolded by our ‘betters’ in government and we’ll do it anyway. It will be ridiculed by the coastal Harvard set and we’ll do it anyway. Everything that has ever been good for the citizens of this country has been demanded and won by the people, not the permanent political class.

We’ll win our freedom (again) by small acts 0f rebellion and autonomy. One by one they’ll pile up – hugging your neighbor, meeting a friend, cutting hair. Civil liberties groups will file their suits and Americans will remind their politicians – big and small – that they serve at the will of the people, not the other way around.

America will reopen when you say it’s time…not when they do.”


The WHO has changed its mind about COVID19. Now, they are saying that the lockdowns weren’t necessary after all. They point to Sweden as being the model for how to respond to the coronavirus (i.e. Sweden had no lockdown). Further, recent studies show that the mortality rate is no worse than the flu. Yet, most states have yet to reopen. One obviously has to ask the question why.

For example in Europe, this flu season has actually been milder than some recent previous years, despite COVID19. Hospitals are far from overcrowded and the healthcare system is operating just fine. Yet, they’re on lockdown (still).

For sure if they relax the restrictions, the infection rate will go up. The real question is, though, when does it have to be high enough for a country to commit national economic suicide. Do you know how many people die when you lockdown a country? Was this even a consideration before everyone panicked and overreacted?

For example, did we lockdown everyone when the Asian flu swept the world in 1957? No. How about the Hong Kong Flu in 1968? No. Then, how about H1N1 in 2009? Also, no. Yet, they were all more severe than COVID19. By now, you should be seeing the point. None of this was necessary, and the WHO knew it all along. They caused the panic and now they are trying to back away before they get sued (or shut down), just like what’s happening to China. The name of the game is lie, try to cover it up and then…it’s mea culpa time.

The bottom line is this: If it wasn’t ever necessary to lockdown our nation, why aren’t we just reopening ASAP? You may not like the answer that I’m about to give you but here it is.  Reopening is strictly a political issue, it’s not really about your health. The states that will resist reopening the longest will be states with socialist governments (states like California, Illinois, Michigan, New York and Virginia). For them, you never let a good crisis go to waste, just like Rahm Emanuel said. For them, this crisis was a good time to impose authoritarian controls that they may not even do away with after COVID19 is gone. For them, this is nirvana and they just can’t wait until COVID19 returns which it invariably will.

Even after COVID19 has come and gone, your life may never be the same. Your future may well include mandatory vaccinations, universal basic income and a surveillance state. George Orwell was right except it wasn’t 1984, it’s 2020 (and beyond).



Based on a new study, countries like Switzerland and Holland are now sending their kids back to school. Turns out that school-age kids are highly unlikely to get COVID19 and just as unlikely to pass it to someone else.


The coronavirus crisis is “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  – House Majority Whip James Clyburn


Even after it has come and gone, the coronavirus effect will significantly affect our future. That is, the world will have to reinvent itself to protect against the next global pandemic. As a result, governments and companies will have to reassess and reorganize to meet the perceived threat.

The two biggest changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic will be in the areas of politics and commerce, as follows:

Disruptions in supply chains caused by a potential global pandemic, especially of critical products, will force companies and governments to find ways to survive (even in a global pandemic). It will become a necessity for companies to have much shorter supply chains and the goal of governments will be to be self-sufficient. Free trade, to a great extent, will become a thing of the past.

In politics, globalism will not survive, at least not in its present form. Immigration and free trade policies promoted by globalism were an unmitigated disaster during the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, countries will be forced to become more nationalistic in order to survive (the next global pandemic). Governmental reactions to future pandemics will also have to be different. The current situation in Sweden is instructive here. That is, Sweden did not commit national economic suicide by locking down their country. They kept the country open for business.

Note: Sweden has about half the population of New York City, yet has only 1/10 the fatalities from the coronavirus.

The still open question is what will happen in the field of healthcare. The race is currently on to find a vaccine.  A cautionary note is that there is no vaccine that has ever stopped a virus. There is really only one solution to a virus pandemic. It’s called “herd immunity.” Sweden did not observe social distancing and as a result they are going to quickly achieve herd immunity. However, the rest of us will still be exposed to a second wave of COVID19, thanks to Dr. Fauci and the CDC.


Maybe next time, we won’t panic when the WHO cries wolf.  Maybe by then, we will have realized that the WHO is, in reality, a front for globalist interests (primarily Bill Gates and big pharma) as the contributions that fund the WHO show.  Maybe by then, we’ll have tumbled to the fact that vaccines are an instrument of social control, part of a coming police state…  or, mavbe we’ll be just as stupid then as we are now.

“It (the coronavirus pandemic) delivers on a number of long held globalist objectives. A cashless society, mandatory vaccination, universal basic income, a surveillance state, restricted freedom of movement and a complete restructuring of the global economy….”

–  Iain Davis, from an article published on ZeroHedge

The COVID19 War


Much of the world has tumbled to the idiocy of the coronavirus lockdowns. The recent studies by both Stanford University and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, in conjunction with USC, confirm that. The mortality rate from COVID19 simply does not require us to lockdown our countries. After all, the seasonal flu has exceeded the CDC’s pandemic threshold… but no pandemic announcement and no restrictive measures were announced. As for H1N1, no lockdown was required even though a pandemic was announced.

Now, some people are beginning to focus on the effects from the lockdown. There will be recriminations. The United Nations who engineered this disaster through the WHO has already gotten out in front of this matter.  According to a report from Reuters, the UN warned that: “Hundreds of thousands of children could die this year due to the global economic downturn sparked by the coronavirus pandemic and tens of millions more could fall into extreme poverty as a result of the crisis.” This just a little over a month ago of saying that we should lockdown the entire world. 

What, they didn’t know this before they asked everyone to lockdown?  Of course, they knew. This was never about the public’s health. It had everything to do with politics. That is, there is a war raging in the world, a war between the ruling class and the working class. It’s a silent war that is being waged through unconventional means. Not a single bullet has been fired, and yet people are dying. You probably don’t even realize that there even is such a war or that the COVID19 crisis is part of that war.

The war is a war about ideology, and control…especially control. These kinds of lockdowns require that governments of free countries suspend personal freedoms in order to fight an invisible enemy. It also results in the loss of nations’ sovereignty through the destruction of their economies.  Bankers will be lining up to bail out these countries and impose horrific financial controls not unlike what has happened in Greece and Italy. The U.S. is in for a rude awakening as well.

You see, America is bankrupt. We’ve been bankrupt on several occasions, including right after the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War, as well as during the Great Depression. Today, our national debt can be measured in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. As for the dollar, it is completely worthless since it is a “fiat” currency which is backed only by the government’s promise to redeem it and the government does not even have a pretense for repaying dollars (say, in gold) which is why the rest of the world is ditching the dollar as the world reserve currency.

The transfer of wealth is what this is all about.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. No doubt, you have seen the wealth stats that show the increasing divide between the 1% and the rest of us.  The middle class is quickly vanishing and it’s the middle class that protects and ensures democracy. When the country goes bankrupt, you may never even know it. It usually happens in the shadows. The best indication that you will have is that all of a sudden the rules change or the currency will change (say to a digital currency) and/or the banks will get bailed out. If that doesn’t work for the elites, no doubt we’ll get the next installment of the COVID19 War.


As individual states start the process of reopening, some states will resist especially those with socialist governments – states like California, Illinois and New York.  For them, it’s all about politics and control.  That’s why people are leaving those states in droves. As for the next crisis caused by COVID19, it’s the looming bankruptcies of state governments. Watch for it as it will be coming very soon to a neighborhood near you.

“Everyone knows Corona is no walk in the park… but at some point, the daily drumbeat of depression and terror veers into panic porn…You don’t have to put hot sauce on a jalapeno.”  – Bill Maher

One of the hot topics making the news recently is the origins of COVID19. At this point, there doesn’t seem to be much doubt that COVID19 started in China. However, that’s not the biggest news with regards to COVID19. The bigger news is that COVID19 is apparently man-made, at least according to research by Dr. Luc Montagnier who has won the Nobel Prize for medicine.

The U.S. government has launched a full-scale investigation into the origins of COVID19 which they believe can be traced to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Interestingly enough, the U.S. government provided funding for the coronavirus research that was conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The funding was provided by the National Institute of Health (CDC). The director of the NIH is the very same Dr. Fauci who is spearheading the U.S. response to COVID19. Does anyone see anything wrong with this obvious conflict of interest?

Just recently, a $20 trillion lawsuit has been filed against the Chinese government by Freedom Watch, claiming that the coronavirus outbreak is the result of a biological weapon developed by the Chinese government. The objective of such a biological weapon would not be to kill people, per se, but rather to strike fear in people that would be very much associated with a global pandemic. The end game would be mandatory vaccination programs and world government.

Bill Gates has been very much in the news with regards to COVID19. He has been suddenly appearing everywhere in the media to share his outspoken views about the crisis. If you are wondering why Bill Gates, who is not a doctor, gets quoted on COVID19, here’s why:

  • Bill Gates is spending vast sums to develop a COVID19 vaccine, and says that countries should remain locked-down until a vaccine is developed (at least 18 months).
  • Bill Gates is pushing for governments to require mandatory vaccinations.
  • Bill Gates supports a powerful group called ID2020 which is promoting a “digital certificate” to store medical information (including vaccines received) which would grant vaccinated individuals access to rights and services. 
  • Just prior to the COVID outbreak, Bill Gates co-hosted “Event 201” which was a tabletop simulation of a coronavirus pandemic that would presumably kill millions.

After all, it was Bill Gates who told a TED conference that the biggest world problem was overpopulation and that the solution to that problem was vaccines. If you want to know why Bill Gates views overpopulation as something akin to an ELE, you need to read up on the Georgia Guidestones. Beware, though, as the rabbit hole is very deep, and remember… sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease.


“#Vaccines, for #BillGates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including #Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy….”Robert F. Kennedy Jr.



Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC suggested on the air that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign should include setting up a “shadow government” in order to defeat Trump in November.  It’s remarkable that such journalism is accepted as the new norm because what she said is illegal and could conceivably get one arrested for treason.  Abraham Lincoln, for one, would have never stood for it.

It’s also remarkable because we already have a shadow government.  Most of the people inside the Beltway know about it. It’s called the Deep State. The Deep State has been extensively involved in the federal government for over 70 years and its origins go back to at least 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

Eisenhower and JFK both gave speeches where they mentioned a shadow government. It’s called a shadow government for a reason, because historically it has operated behind the scenes manipulating both foreign and domestic policy. In recent years, however, people have openly discussed the Deep State, including a number of articles by the New York Times. As John McLaughlin, former acting director of the CIA, said, “Thank God for the Deep State.” 



Of course, any discussion about a Biden presidential campaign is irrelevant because Biden will not be the Democratic Party candidate once the smoke clears in Milwaukee.  Without a doubt, Biden will be flipped for another candidate. Can anyone tell me why we even bother with the primaries?

Recommended reading: “The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and The Rise of a Shadow Government” – Mike Lofgren

Now that a decision has to be made about the timing of reopening the country, the question has arisen as to who has the authority to do that. Keep in mind, that it was the state govenors who called for the self-imposed shutdowns.

The topic of the powers of the president during a national emergency is something that I’ve written about several times.  Here’s a couple of excerpts from previous articles:

  • “Barack Obama envisioned the end of the U. S. A. Republic. To that end, he declared a bunch of national emergencies whereby he gave the President, any president, dictatorial powers. However, he planned for Hilary Clinton to inherit these powers, making her the Queen in effect. Problem was – she lost. Trump became President and he inherited the throne.”  
  • “…the latest national emergency entitled Executive Order on Prioritizing and Allocating Health and Medical Resources to Respond to the Spread of Covid-19 allows the President to use the power of previous national emergencies and something called the Defense Production Act to override the Constitution.  In fact, Trump has gone so far as to declare that he is a ‘war-time’ president, which invokes the War Powers Act. The truth is that the two presidents prior to Trump were also “war-time” presidents as the country has officially been ‘at war’ ever since 9/11.”  Note: The exercise of the War Powers Act and the Defense Production Act by the president is tantamount to martial law.  

Most people do not realize that they have lived under a perpetual state of national emergency for most of their lives. Constitutional rights can be, and are, suspended during a national emergency. As for martial law…well, don’t ask.

Trump has said that people do not realize all of the powers that he has. In part, he was referring to something called the “Presidential Emergency Action Documents.” The interesting thing is, though, very few people have ever seen those documents as they were created in the 1950s. So, when Trump says that he has the authority to overrule the state govenors and end the shutdown, I tend to believe him.  After all, we’re not a democratic country anymore.  The president can rule by various Acts and with powers that are outside of the constitution. So, whoever is president is king (or queen). They have near dictatorial powers without us even knowing it.

As for the media, their opinion, in these matters, matters not (as if they speak for the country anyway). Trump already has the power to take over the media, anytime he wants. That’s why he rules from the bully pulpit…because he can. It’s called a national state of emergency.


“I do think there are certain times that we should infringe on your freedom.” –  Michael Bloomberg


A Fauci Moment


Dr. Anthony Fauci has been at the center of the coronavirus controversy from the very beginning.  After all, it’s Fauci’s projections that the government has been following in its response to the coronavirus. Now, even CNN is unhappy with him and what they view as a “late response” to the coronavirus crisis.  

On February 29th, Fauci was telling the Today Show that there was no need for us to change our lifestyle to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, two weeks later, Fauci told ABC News that there could be as many as 1.7 million deaths from the coronavirus. Of course, the latest projections are for only about 60,000 fatalities (and that projection keeps dropping as the coronavirus curve flattens).  

So, how could these numbers have changed so drastically and so quickly? There are only two possibilities as to how this could have happened. Option one: the experts made forecasts off of incomplete information, or Option two: the projections were politicized, probably to destroy our economy. While the first option is no doubt true, the second option is much more plausible. Here’s why.

The worst pandemic in the history of our country since the Spanish flu of 1918 was H1N1, also known as the swine flu. Although then-president Obama declared a national health emergency, the economy was not shut down and no travel restrictions were imposed. At the time, the WHO had this to say about possible travel restrictions: “Limiting travel and imposing travel restrictions would have very little effect on stopping the virus from spreading, but would be highly disruptive to the global community.” After the fact, we now know that not disrupting international commerce was the right call. However, the coronavirus, and only the coronavirus, has ever been worthy of shutting down the country, but no one has adequately explained exactly why that’s the case. Yet, these very same experts have not classified the flu as a pandemic this flu season even though it has long since passed the CDC’s own threshold, as published on its website.  

One thing that is becoming painfully obvious, though, is that the fallout from shutting down the country will far exceed the possible effects from not shutting down the country. According to Forbes,” Over three weeks, more than 16 million people have filed for unemployment. During the Great Recession, the number of people who were unemployed never topped 16 million. We are in a crisis the likes of which we have never seen in modern times.” 

Let the mea culpas commence.  



Early on, the MSM downplayed the risks of the coronavirus (ala Dr. Fauci) and when the government took early action they were very critical. Now, they’re saying exactly the opposite – that we should have taken early action. As Kaitlin Johnstone explained, “The whole reason the world is the way it is right now is because people have been manipulated by the media-controlling class into accepting an absolutely insane status quo as normal.”