The Great Reset


“A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms…Behind the world leaders who are the accomplices and executors of this infernal project, there are unscrupulous characters who finance the World Economic Forum and Event 201, promoting their agenda.”  – Carlo Maria Viganò, archbishop of the Catholic Church


A number of you have asked about the Great Reset which I have written about several times recently (see the list of articles below). It’s apropos since the cover story on the upcoming issue of Time Magazine is…you guessed it, The Great Reset. Justin Haskins, the editorial director of The Heartland Institute, says that one of the objectives of The Great Reset is “to advance socialist ideals, including the destruction of capitalism and individual rights.”

Here’s a thumbnail sketch, then, of The Great Reset:

The Great Reset is the agenda of the World Economic Forum which is the mouthpiece of the global ruling elite. The World Economic Forum meets once a year in Davos, Switzerland. Their objective is total world control through totalitarian government.

The political conflict in the world is the result of the masses (nationalists) challenging the despotic grip of the elite (globalists).  Brexit was the first shoe to fall in a movement that has now spread across the globe.

The COVID19 pandemic is a bioweapon which the global elite released with the help of the United Nations and China. The pandemic is an an excuse to impose totalitarian measures in the name of health concerns.

The riots and civil unrest in this country is organized and financed by the Davos crowd (the .001%), all supposedly in the name of saving democracy. That’s laughable because they don’t even believe in democracy. Doug Casey put it best when he said, “No matter the problem, the prescription of the Davos crowd is always more welfare, more warfare, more money printing, more taxes, and of course, more centralization of power into global institutions.”

Get used to it, the Great Reset will be forced on everyone…lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations will become part of the new normal.


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The riots are well-planned and highly coordinated events carried out by bad actors that are ferried in from out-of-state to incite riots.  They are not about racism or social justice.

The coronavirus was never about making the general public safe from a rapidly spreading virus.  Rather, it was an engineered pandemic, resulting from a man-made bio-weapon. The United Nations was the chief culprit in getting world-wide compliance to the Covid19 response, which was all based on a fake pandemic model published out of Oxford University.

What the riots and the pandemic have in common is that they are all about politics… the politics of money and power… and all roads in the world concerning money and power lead to Davos (Switzerland).

The average person is not even aware that the World Economic Forum sets the agenda for world-wide economic and political activity which is then disseminated to the participants (top-level business and government officials) at their annual meeting in Davos. As Doug Casey says, “It’s a love fest for the international ruling class.” Their agenda is referred to as The Great Reset.  The centerpiece of that agenda, as mentioned before, is money and power.  The power is to be achieved through the manipulation of world governments (think: One World Government); the money part of the Great Reset will entail a complete restructuring of the world’s financial system, which has been previously based on worthless fiat currencies.

Don’t blink now, but the next shoe is about to fall.


“No matter the problem, the prescription of the Davos crowd is always more welfare, more warfare, more money printing, more taxes, and of course, more centralization of power into global institutions.” – Doug Casey